• North Wales Climbs Updated

    Happy Christmas from all of us at Rockfax and UKClimbing. Like everyone, we are hoping for a better 2021 with more opportunities for us all to get outdoors and pursue our passion activities whatever they may be.

    Earlier this month we published a new book to Snowdonia : Mountain Walks and Scrambles. The scrambles in this book have now been added to the North Wales Climbs package on Rockfax Digital. We have also taken the opportunity to vastly improve the maps across the main Snowdonia and mid-Wales crags.

    • iOS – If you have North Wales Climbs installed then update by checking under the Installed tab and clicking update all. 
    • Android – If you have North Wales Climbs installed then update by checking under the Installed tab and clicking on the green update button on currently installed crags.

    Our aim is to release new crags and updates on a monthly basis starting in spring 2021. Of course we will only do this if and when the national situation allows travelling for climbing.

  • Peak Limestone Update

    We have just released an update for Peak Limestone. This includes updates for the following crags:

    Horseshoe – minor changes
    Stoney – minor changes
    Darlton Quarry – new routes and description updates
    Pin Dale – New Crag – Needs installing separately since it isn’t there to update.
    Moss Rake – minor changes
    Smalldale – minor changes
    Chee Dale – minor changes
    Raven Tor – minor changes
    Water-cum-Jolly – minor changes
    Aldery Cliff – significant changes with lower-offs added to most routes
    Beeston Tor – minor changes
    Dovedale – minor changes
    Willersley – minor changes
    Bend Tor – new routes
    Lorry Park Quarry – minor changes
    Wildcat – minor changes
    Intake Quarry – parking spot change

    (Because there were so many updates it was easier for us to update all the crag packages so there will be 49 crags to update).

    To Update

    Go to Crags > Installed and flick down to expose the hidden menu at the top. This shows the update number (probably 49 unless there are other updates waiting).

    Pin Dale – Search for ‘Pin Dale’ in the search box and tap through to the Peak Limestone view which shows Pin Dale and tap the cloud to install it.

  • Spain : Mallorca Updated


    We now have a new edition of the Spain : Mallorca guide available. This updates the previous edition published in 2016. It is a minor new edition with the same overall coverage but hundreds of small changes to route data, stars and grades, and around 50 new routes. It is also in the new Rockfax layout. If you own the 2016 edition then you can probably afford to give this one a miss. We will be working on a full new edition over the next few years and are aiming to publish it around 2023/2024.

  • Rockfax Grade Tables Updated

    In response to feedback we have added an extra grade category to the familiar green, orange, red, and black spot system first introduced in Peak Gritstone East in  2001. We now have a ‘White Spot’ which corresponds to routes at the highest level of difficulty. Sport 8a and above, trad E7, font 8A, etc.

    We have updated our grade tables to take account of this change and added a few more difficulty levels since the last versions.

    Free Use for Poster Printing

    Please download the hi-res PDF versions of these tables if you wish to get these printed into posters.

    Download Safe Trad Routes PDF – Compare UK trad grades with well-protected sport routes, UIAA, USA, Norway and Australian systems.

    Download Bold Trad Routes PDF  – A more difficult comparison for bold trad routes to sport grades, UIAA, USA, Norway and Australian systems.

    Download Bouldering Grade PDF – Comparison between Font, V and UK tech grades.

    We recommend Instantprint where an A1 poster costs around £16 (+VAT and delivery). Other similarly priced services are available.

  • Kalymnos Route Name Changes



    During the summer of 2018 a climber on Kalymnos changed the names of some of the newer routes. At the time of writing, these routes only appear in the Rockfax guide and this has understandably caused some confusion. To make matters worse the names aren’t all new names and some of them have just been shuffled around. This means that you can arrive at the crag and think you are under one route when in fact you are under a different route. Although this shouldn’t cause too many problems there is one instance where the renamed route is much longer than its previous incarnation in the Rockfax, and one where it is quite a bit harder.

    We have now produced a free PDF download which details these changes in two formats. Page 1 is a list of the changes and the other three pages are double page spreads covering the majority of the affected routes which can be inserted into your guidebook.

  • Kalymnos App Version Updated


    The Kalymnos app version has been updated inline with the new book published last month. This is a free updated for anyone who had bought the package before.

    It is available on the Rockfax App via the Download tab on the Crags tab as a single download for £22.99 or as 17 smaller separate bundles. More information on the App here.

    We are already aware of some new developments on the island and we will be updating the app to incorporate these later in the year.

  • Some corrections to the Lofoten guide

    Page 118
    Automatic for the People is 45m not 30m. There are fixed signs at bottom and top warning of this.

    Page 144
    Bare Blabaer P1 and 2 are more like 20m and 46m. P5 and p6 are not well protected.

    Page 191
    The positions Gollum and Smeagul are reversed, their positions should be swapped – as should the grades on the topo. Smeagul is route-line 9 and Gollum is route-line 10 – the descriptions are correct.

    Page 204
    Gaukerisset – the upper abseil point is right of the finish of the route. The lower abseil point has been moved and is now two bolts on the left side (looking down) of the gully

    Page 244
    Storsvaet is very poorly protected and not really a good beginner’s climb, at least on the sharp end.

    Page 320 and 321
    The two red number 3 route dots should be number 4s since they are showing the rough line of Englevinger which is properly described on the next page 322.

  • Dorset Bouldering App Package Updated


    We have updated the Dorset Bouldering app package with a complete set of geo-located maps, plus some new problems.

    The geo-located maps are particularly useful. The ones we had in the original package were confusing to say the least, especially in the complex Cuttings Boulderfield. We have now combined many of them into big single maps covering much wider areas, and accurate enough to pinpoint your location using the device gps services. The Cuttings Boulderfield now has one map where we previously had around 12!

    To update, go to Crags > Downloads and tap ‘Update‘ next to the Dorset Bouldering package, or the cloud icon if you haven’t installed it yet.

  • North Wales Slate App Update


    We have updated the North Wales Climbs app package to include a near full guide to North Wales Slate. All the recent developments in Australia and Twll Mawr Quarries have been added, and  coverage for all the main crags included in the previous version has been expanded to cover the majority of the routes in the Slate Quarries. The information has been put together by Rockfax guidebook author and Llanberis local Mark Reeves.

    To get the guide you need to first download the Rockfax app to your iOS device (Android version due later this year). Then check the Downloads section to locate the North Wales Climbs and Slate Quarries package. More information about the Rockfax App.

    For people who previously purchased either the full North Wales Climbs package, or the Slate package, this is a free upgraded. Just go to Crags > Downloads > North Wales Climbs and then tap on ‘Update’ next to the correct package.


    We have also added geo-location to all the other maps in the guide so that you can now see yourself as a blue dot on out crag overview maps.

    A blue dot appears even if you have no 4G connection to show you where you are on the offline map.