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  • Sicily – New Book for Spring 2021

    Despite the current news across the world, like many people, we are enthusiastically looking forward to getting out climbing again in the Spring or Summer. We have been busy in lockdown working hard on a new area and are pleased to announce that we are putting the finishing touches to a guide to Sicily which will be available in print and digital from the end of March.

    This new guide will focus on the amazing climbing found around the holiday town of San Vito Lo Capo to the west of Palermo as well as including a few sport areas around Palermo itself. Although relatively new to the sport climbing circuit, the San Vito area combines the key requirements of a great climate, plentiful holiday amenities and a stunning array of quality rock. The climbing is mostly single-pitch sport routes although there are also a few multi-pitch areas including some older trad and mixed walls.

    As an area, it is relatively compact – similar to Kalymnos rather than spread out crags as in the Costa Blanca and Mallorca. It is even possible to get a week’s climbing without hiring a car if you wished although one is advised to make the most out of the place. There is plentiful great accommodation, especially in the off-season outside the summer months.

    The guide will cover over 1200 routes on 28 crags. The information is presented in the familiar Rockfax format with big crag photos, detailed topo lines, informative descriptions, precise maps and inspiring action photos.

    • The book will be available for pre-ordering from this web site from early March
    • The digital version will be available at the same time as the print version in early April
    • Check out a sample chapter

  • North Wales Climbs Updated

    Happy Christmas from all of us at Rockfax and UKClimbing. Like everyone, we are hoping for a better 2021 with more opportunities for us all to get outdoors and pursue our passion activities whatever they may be.

    Earlier this month we published a new book to Snowdonia : Mountain Walks and Scrambles. The scrambles in this book have now been added to the North Wales Climbs package on Rockfax Digital. We have also taken the opportunity to vastly improve the maps across the main Snowdonia and mid-Wales crags.

    • iOS – If you have North Wales Climbs installed then update by checking under the Installed tab and clicking update all. 
    • Android – If you have North Wales Climbs installed then update by checking under the Installed tab and clicking on the green update button on currently installed crags.

    Our aim is to release new crags and updates on a monthly basis starting in spring 2021. Of course we will only do this if and when the national situation allows travelling for climbing.

  • Peak Limestone Update

    We have just released an update for Peak Limestone. This includes updates for the following crags:

    Horseshoe – minor changes
    Stoney – minor changes
    Darlton Quarry – new routes and description updates
    Pin Dale – New Crag – Needs installing separately since it isn’t there to update.
    Moss Rake – minor changes
    Smalldale – minor changes
    Chee Dale – minor changes
    Raven Tor – minor changes
    Water-cum-Jolly – minor changes
    Aldery Cliff – significant changes with lower-offs added to most routes
    Beeston Tor – minor changes
    Dovedale – minor changes
    Willersley – minor changes
    Bend Tor – new routes
    Lorry Park Quarry – minor changes
    Wildcat – minor changes
    Intake Quarry – parking spot change

    (Because there were so many updates it was easier for us to update all the crag packages so there will be 49 crags to update).

    To Update

    Go to Crags > Installed and flick down to expose the hidden menu at the top. This shows the update number (probably 49 unless there are other updates waiting).

    Pin Dale – Search for ‘Pin Dale’ in the search box and tap through to the Peak Limestone view which shows Pin Dale and tap the cloud to install it.

  • UKC Supporter Scheme Launched

    During the past six weeks, we have seen our traffic increase as people spent more time at home and reached out to their virtual communities for support. At UKClimbing and Rockfax we have been proud to have played a small part in facilitating this community spirit with our informative news, inspiring articles and quizzes.

    However, the lockdown has affected everyone hugely and the outdoor industry is no exception. Shops are closed and this means that the chain of supply, manufacture and design of outdoor equipment is on hold too. We rely on advertising from the outdoor industry to keep the sites running. With the freeze of the outdoor industry comes a freeze in the income which supports UKClimbing and a huge drop in book sales for Rockfax. As such we’re in the strange situation that whilst our traffic has increased, our main source of income has decreased.

    To help overcome this we are creating a combined offering from UKC and Rockfax to ask for your help by creating a UKC SupporterPlus scheme. This scheme enables you to support your favourite climbing website and receive some excellent benefits in return, namely access to the Rockfax App, discounts on Rockfax guidebooks and the UKC Supporter Badge.

    If you choose to take out the UKC SupporterPlus option then you will receive a 1-year subscription to the Rockfax App. The Rockfax App contains the entire Rockfax catalogue and guidebook information from third-party publishers. It covers over 900 crags and 60,000 routes and can be connected to your UKC account to record climbs and update your UKC Logbook. It is available on iOS and Android devices. More on the Rockfax App here.

    In addition as a SupporterPlus, you will receive 30% off all guidebooks ordered direct from the Rockfax online shop. This includes exclusive pre-orders for new guidebooks before they are published including the new Peak Limestone guidebook which is going on pre-order from today.

    While the UKC Supporter scheme has come from a time of need in the face of a crisis, we are committed to providing the kind of websites that we as climbers would love to visit. We want to inspire you with the most up-to-date news, an amazing app, beautifully produced guidebooks, diverse and interesting articles, comprehensive gear reviews, breathtaking photographs and a vast and useful logbook system. This is not something new, it is what we’ve always done and will continue to do. When this crisis is eventually over we intend to continue the UKC Supporter scheme in order to support the growth of the sites so that we can continue to offer you the kind of content you want to see.

    UKClimbing and Rockfax are more than just websites – they are communities. As with any community, we’re built upon a reciprocal exchange: we provide you with excellent websites, in return you give us your input through the forums, logbooks, and by simply visiting the sites, to make them what they are today. We are trying our hardest to ensure that this community can continue to exist in its current form, and we would love you to help us if you are able.

    The UKC and Rockfax Team

  • SMC Winter Crags now on the Rockfax App


    The best guidebook to winter climbing in Scotland is Scottish Winter Climbs from the SMC. As part of our ongoing project working with the SMC we are very pleased to announce that the first part of digitising this content is now complete and available on the Rockfax app. This represents about 60% of the routes in the book and the rest should hopefully follow early in the New Year.

    SMC-Winter-Screen-shotsIt has been a real pleasure to work with the SMC on this project and we look forward to producing more great Scottish content on the app in the near future.


  • Rockfax App Android Version and FREE Access


    To mark the Android release and the change to subscription on the iOS version, we are offering FREE access to the entire Rockfax catalogue to everyone until the end of June 2019.


    Android Users

    To install for the first time, go to the Play Store and install the app. This will give you the basic app. To access the full catalogue of all the Rockfax guide information, you need to log in by going to Settings > My account > Sign In. If you have an account on then use this log in. If not then go to and create an account there first.

    That’s it! You now have access to every Rockfax guidebook on your mobile device until the end of June 2019.

    New iOS Users

    To install for the first time,go to the App Store on your iOS device and install the Rockfax app. This will give you the basic app. To access the full catalogue of all the Rockfax guide information, you need to log in by going to Settings > My account > Sign In. If you have an account on then use this log in. If not then go to and create an account there first.

    That’s it! You now have access to every Rockfax guidebook on your mobile device until the end of June 2019.

    Existing iOS Users

    The iOS system has also changed and will now be a subscription based system. You will still have access to any packages you have bought previously but you will no longer be able to buy crags as separate packages. Instead, from July 1st, the system will be done on a monthly or yearly subscription basis at a rate of £4/month recurring, or £3/month taken yearly in a single £36 payment. To get the new version just go to the App Store on your iOS device and update the Rockfax app. Then log in using your existing account and you will have access to the entire Rockfax catalogue.

    FAQs on the Rockfax App

  • Kalymnos App Version Updated


    The Kalymnos app version has been updated inline with the new book published last month. This is a free updated for anyone who had bought the package before.

    It is available on the Rockfax App via the Download tab on the Crags tab as a single download for £22.99 or as 17 smaller separate bundles. More information on the App here.

    We are already aware of some new developments on the island and we will be updating the app to incorporate these later in the year.

  • Pembroke Update 2018


    We have just released a major update to our Pembroke guide. The 2009 guidebook is still available and functions fine for most climbers, but it was time for an update.

    This new version is only available via the Rockfax app. It has 350 more routes than the Rockfax book (that covered around 600 routes) with many of the existing crags having their coverage expanded, and plenty of new areas added as well. The deep water soloing crags from Mike Robertson’s 2007 guidebook – Deep Water – have been added to this app version.

    Also of note are the three huge maps we have created specifically crafted for climbers. These are geo-located so that they will pin-point your precise location when you view them on the app. The Range East to Stackpole map is available as part of the free package for Mowing Word if you want to check out how useful these maps are without committing to buying the full app package for Pembroke.

    The huge Range West to Stackpole map

    To purchase, or update, go to the Download tab on the Crags tab. It is available as a single download for £12.99 or as smaller separate bundles.
    More information on the App here

  • SMC and Rockfax Announce App Collaboration


    The Scottish Mountaineering Club (SMC) and Rockfax are pleased to announce a joint project to create mobile app-based guides from the SMC’s existing print guides. To celebrate the beginning of this collaboration, a package covering the popular Northern Corries in the Cairngorms has been released on the Rockfax app – Coire an Lochain (Cairngorm) and Coire an t-Sneachda. There is also a free example package covering Polney Crag (Craig a Barns).

    Rockfax Director Alan James said, “This was too good an opportunity to miss. The SMC were keen for an app, and we had no coverage for Scotland. Over the last few months we have been able to put together an arrangement that benefits both parties and climbers in general. The Northern Corries are a good start but they are just the beginning of this huge task which is likely to take several years. The aim will be to work through the SMC guidebooks producing the app guides as we go. I would especially like to thank Rob Lovell for being the driving force behind this link up.”

    Simon Richardson, SMC President, said, “The Scottish Mountaineering Club has been documenting climbing in Scotland for over a century, and we are delighted to be embracing digital technology in partnership with Rockfax. The Northern Corries app represents a significant step forward into the world of digital media for the Club and will complement our ongoing guidebook print programme.”



    To find the packages, check Crags > Downloads > The Cairngorms on the Rockfax app. The free sample of Polney Crag is under Highland Outcrops South.

    The Rockfax app has been available on iOS since October 2015 and has been a great success, with it now being installed on over 16,000 mobile devices. It has been updated 18 times with many significant improvements since the original version. The Android version is nearing completion and we hope to have that released later this year. More about the Rockfax app.