Rockfax Digital Updates

We have just released a big update to the Costa Blanca just in time for any Easter trips. There are six great new crags to go at with a fantastic range of climbing on offer.

Chris Prescott climbing Mora (7a) on the vast wall at Cocentaina. Photo: Alan James

Cocentaina, Busot and Coves de Canalobre are all in the middle area to the west of Alicante. Busot, in particular, has a huge amount of climbing in a great setting and Cocentaina is great for those looking for long and hard stamina routes. Further to the north are two smaller crags Font d’Algar and Las Cerezas which are both secluded and walls with good routes. The final area is Ambolo on the coast to the north of Calp.

There is also a small Kalymnos crag which includes a few minor updates and new routes, plus the popular new crag Griffig.

Another area that has just been finished is the SMC’s Scottish Winter West. Due to some technical issues all the crags from this guide are currently available under Scottish Winter on Rockfax Digital. In the future these will be available under the Scottish Winter West area.

If you have some of these areas installed on your device then check under the Installed tab. If you haven’t then take a look under the Downloads tab to find the areas.


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