• Sicily Published

    We are very pleased to announce that our first book of 2021 has just been published. Sicily covers the superb climbing found around the resort town of San Vito Lo Capo and further south above Macari and Custonaccio, plus a bonus section on the routes above Palermo.

    The book covers nearly 1500 routes on 29 crags including the long 5km stretch of Scogliera di Salinera with its 800 routes! It is available now for online ordering direct from the website at a special discount for UKC Supporters/Rockfax Digital Subscribers. It will also be available from outdoor specialist retailers once they open up after 12 April.

    The digital version is now available direct from within the Rockfax app on iOS and Android for all subscribers.

  • Sicily – Pre-order Now

    Pre-order now to receive your copy as soon as it is published in early April.
    The books is now available at 30% discount for UKC Supporters and Rockfax Digital Subscribers.

    After the crazy events of 2020 things are looking up and hopefully, we will be getting back to normal by the summer at least. It is never too early to start thinking about places to go so we are very excited to launch this new Sicily book as a source of inspiration for the coming year.

    Sicily offers amazing sport climbing on some beautiful crags in a seaside holiday atmosphere. It has enough climbing for many weeks of trips and is comparable in many ways to the compact nature of Kalymnos. There is plenty on offer across the grades all within a short walk or drive of some excellent accommodation spots. The excellent climate means that it is a Spring, Autumn or Winter venue that you can rely on.

    The book presents everything in the familiar Rockfax format with detailed photo-topos created using the latest technology, amazing maps, full text descriptions, symbols, navigation QR codes and loads of inspiring action photos from some great photographers.

    Nigel Boothroyd and Alan James high up on the brilliant multi-pitch route Via delle Punte (5c) on Sperone Est Pillar.

    UKC Supporter and SupporterPlus and Rockfax Digital Subscribers can pre-order at 30% off – RRP £34.95, offer price £24.47.

  • Sicily – New Book for Spring 2021

    Despite the current news across the world, like many people, we are enthusiastically looking forward to getting out climbing again in the Spring or Summer. We have been busy in lockdown working hard on a new area and are pleased to announce that we are putting the finishing touches to a guide to Sicily which will be available in print and digital from the end of March.

    This new guide will focus on the amazing climbing found around the holiday town of San Vito Lo Capo to the west of Palermo as well as including a few sport areas around Palermo itself. Although relatively new to the sport climbing circuit, the San Vito area combines the key requirements of a great climate, plentiful holiday amenities and a stunning array of quality rock. The climbing is mostly single-pitch sport routes although there are also a few multi-pitch areas including some older trad and mixed walls.

    As an area, it is relatively compact – similar to Kalymnos rather than spread out crags as in the Costa Blanca and Mallorca. It is even possible to get a week’s climbing without hiring a car if you wished although one is advised to make the most out of the place. There is plentiful great accommodation, especially in the off-season outside the summer months.

    The guide will cover over 1200 routes on 28 crags. The information is presented in the familiar Rockfax format with big crag photos, detailed topo lines, informative descriptions, precise maps and inspiring action photos.

    • The book will be available for pre-ordering from this web site from early March
    • The digital version will be available at the same time as the print version in early April
    • Check out a sample chapter

  • North Wales Climbs Updated

    Happy Christmas from all of us at Rockfax and UKClimbing. Like everyone, we are hoping for a better 2021 with more opportunities for us all to get outdoors and pursue our passion activities whatever they may be.

    Earlier this month we published a new book to Snowdonia : Mountain Walks and Scrambles. The scrambles in this book have now been added to the North Wales Climbs package on Rockfax Digital. We have also taken the opportunity to vastly improve the maps across the main Snowdonia and mid-Wales crags.

    • iOS – If you have North Wales Climbs installed then update by checking under the Installed tab and clicking update all. 
    • Android – If you have North Wales Climbs installed then update by checking under the Installed tab and clicking on the green update button on currently installed crags.

    Our aim is to release new crags and updates on a monthly basis starting in spring 2021. Of course we will only do this if and when the national situation allows travelling for climbing.

  • Snowdonia : Mountain Walks and Scrambles published

    A winter mountaineer on the summit of Castell y Gwynt on the edge of the summit plateau of Glyder Fach. Photo: Eilir Davies-Hughes

    We are very pleased to announce the publication of Snowdonia : Mountains Walks and Scrambles. The book is here in plenty of time for Christmas and just as we are all starting to think that next year could be an exciting one for getting back to the mountain activities that we love.

    This book, the 59th Rockfax guide, is a slight departure for us delving and should appeal to climbers who look for long days in the mountains on challenging terrain without getting into full-on rock climbing. It has been assembled by North Wales local and aficionado Mark Reeves following on from his popular and successful North Wales Climbs and North Wales Slate guidebooks.

    The book is available for order direct from the Rockfax web site at a 30% discount for UKC Supporter Plus. It should also be available from your local specialist outdoor retailer if you can get there, or their web site.

    Beautiful overview photos
    Highly detailed mapping

    UKC SupporterPlus can order at 30% off the RRP (RRP £24.95, UKC Supporter price £17.47) including delivery.

  • Snowdonia Mountain Walks and Scrambles – Pre-order News

    Order News – Pre-orders made before December 3rd have all been sent out and should arrive by December 6th for UK orders.

    During the summer Mark Reeves has been working hard on a new book which is an exciting new venture for us. Snowdonia : Mountain Walks and Scrambles covers an amazing area of North Wales starting with Snowdon and stretching out over the Glyders, the Carneddau, the Moelwyns and further afield including the Nantlle Ridge, the Rhinogs and Cadair Idris.

    The book is aimed at those making their first steps into mountain walking up to experienced scramblers after some of the classic ridges, gullies and low-grade rock climbs in the Snowdonia area. It uses all the modern techniques that Rockfax have pioneered over the years to give the most inspiring and clearest coverage available. This includes beautiful and detailed maps, dramatic expansive aerial photographs, detailed text descriptions and stunning action photography.

    Beautiful overview photos
    Highly detailed mapping

    UKC SupporterPlus can pre-order at 30% off the RRP (RRP £24.95, UKC Supporter price £17.47) including delivery. The books will be delivered as soon as we receive stock in early December.

    Short and long mountain walks and easy scrambles
    In-depth technical pages on hill skills

    Hill and Scrambling Skills

    In addition to the route coverage there are 70 pages of technical information giving tips covering hill navigation, gear, mountain weather, basic rope skills, more advanced belaying and short pitching, mountain flora and fauna and even a page with some welsh language tips.

    Tips for observing mountain flora and fauna
    Lots of technical information on scrambling techniques

  • Snowdonia : Mountain Walks and Scrambles – New book

    We are pleased to announce our third publication of the year – Snowdonia : Mountain Walks and Scrambles. This book is being put together by Mark Reeves – author of North Wales Slate and North Wales Climbs – and covers walks and scrambles around Snowdon, the Glyders, Carneddau and wider Snowdonia area.

    The book is aimed at people who want to get more out of their walking in the mountains and move on to longer link-ups and scrambles. It also includes some easier rock climbs to aspire to.

    The routes are illustrated by big overview photos, and detailed maps accompanying a full description.

    At present we are aiming to have the book available by this autumn but this is pending any developments in the current pandemic which could force us to change our plans.

  • Peak Limestone Published

    The much-anticipated Peak Limestone book is now available for online ordering or from your local specialist outdoor retailer. This is our second book of the year after Spain : Mallorca but the first new edition. It also the forth Rockfax book covering Peak Limestone since 1992 just 8 years since the last edition.

    The 2020 book is a completely new edition with many more crags and a full new set of crag photos. Everything has been updated and the book is in the new Rockfax look developed for 2020.

    The book also represents a new dual-style print and digital production. The print book gives a user-friendly book with big colour crag and action photos designed to inspire. The digital app version has an additional 18 crags covered in a functional and searchable style with geo-locating maps and full access to the UKC Logbook system.

  • Peak Limestone – Pre-order Now

    We have been busy during lockdown finishing off the new Peak Limestone guidebook. This big new book is the next stage in development for Rockfax. It has a new design layout but is also more closely linked to the App than any previous publication.

    The book is set to be published on 12 June (slight delay from the 4 June date previously announced due to freight being slow to leave Poland) and we will release the extended app content at the same time. The app will cover many extra crags and buttresses. Some of these are minor venues, others are extra buttresses on otherwise well-documented crags and others are in places where the development is not yet complete.

    We have also been able to get some amazing new crag shots for the guide using the latest camera and Photoshop technology. The printed version really shows this amazing photography off to the full with some huge full double-page topos and overview photos.

    Horseshoe Quarry Overview
    The Main Face of High Tor

    Now published

    UKC SupporterPlus can pre-order at 30% off the RRP (RRP £34.95, UKC Supporter price £24.47) including delivery. The books will be delivered as soon as we receive stock in early June.