• Rockfax App Updated to Version 2.0

    Version 2.0 of the Rockfax App is here and it includes full integration with UKClimbing Logbook as well as a number of other great features. 

    It is available via the updates tab in the App Store although it will update automatically if you have this option selected (we strongly recommend that you do – check Settings > iTunes & App Stores > Updates ON).

    Before we go into details, there are a couple of awkward matters to get out of the way.

    IMPORTANT – Upgrade Crashes
    After upgrading some users are experiencing crashes on start up of the new version. We are looking into what is causing this but, in the mean time, there is an easy fix below.
    1) Delete the Rockfax App by pressing any until the apps wobble then tap the cross.
    2) Go to the App Store and reinstall the app.
    3) Restore purchases by going to Home > My account > Restore purchases.
    4) Download the packages by tapping on the cloud icon under Crags > Downloads next to any crag you have bought.
    NOTE – Even if you miss stage 3) you won’t be charged on any Crag Bundle you have previously bought, it just look like you might when you tap on the price icon.
    UKC Forum Discussion Thread on this here

    IMPORTANT – Gower Sport Climbs Package Owners
    The old Gower Sport Climbs package has been discontinued and is no longer available for download. We were unable to transfer the packages across to the new South Wales Sport Climbs package however we are offering a free upgrade. Just send an email from Home > Help & Support > Email us with Gower Sport Climbs added to the subject, or in the body. This email includes a file which lets us see which packages you have purchased.

    When is the Android version available?
    We have been delayed on this since the task is more difficult than we anticipated. The good news is, now that iOS Version 2.0 is out, we will be moving both developers onto the Android project. This will help move things along massively but we aren’t able yet to come up with a date.

    What’s New in iOS Version 2.0

    Full UKClimbing Logbook Integration



    Previously it has been possible to add routes you have ticked to your UKClimbing Logbook via the Rockfax App, but only Rockfax routes on the crags you have purchased. We have now added an extra tab to the main screen dedicated to Logbook. If you link your app to your UKC profile (Home > My Account  > Connect to UKC Logbook) then your entire UKC Logbook will now appear here. You can also access the UKC Logbook crag and route data and add routes as you climb them at the crag. That’s nearly 400,000 routes tickable on over 20,000 crags!

    More on using your UKC Logbook with the Rockfax App

    Offline Maps with GPS locator



    You have always been able to see yourself as a blue dot on the maps on your phone when using the Rockfax App maps tab, but these maps aren’t very detailed and don’t have specific climbing data. Additionally they require a stable 3G/4G connection.

    We have now added GPS location capabilities to our own Rockfax maps so that you can see your location as a blue dot. As an added bonus this doesn’t need a 3G/4G connection since it relies only on the phone’s GPS capability which have a far greater coverage than data.

    In order for this to work, we need to release new versions of each Crag package which will take some time. So far South Wales Sport Climbs, Eastern Grit, Peak Limestone and the imminent Peak Bouldering packages have geo-located maps enabled. Mallorca and other areas will follow soon after.

    Other New Features

    Tooltips – We have added a tooltip system that highlights some of the features of the Rockfax App that are easy to miss. They will only appear once, and you can just tap them away, but you can also reset them via Home > Help & Support if you need a refresh.

    Google Maps – When you tap a parking location or crag navigation link, you are now given the  option of using Google Maps as well as Apple Maps. You can still copy the coordinates and paste them into an alternative navigation app if you wish.

    Other Minor Improvements

    Your logbook can now be sorted by crag name, ascent date and date added (use the sort button next to the search bar).

    • We now have scaled crag flags on the map tab showing bigger pins for more major crags.
    • Long route names are now displayed in their entirety when you tap on them.
    • There is a ‘News Feed’ and a ‘What’s New’ section where you can see what has been added.
    • We have added a 1Password extension to help logging in if you use the 1Password app.
    • Many other improvements and bug fixes – full details here
  • Chamonix, Barberine – Topo corrections

    The topo of Barberine long routes on pages 438, 440 and 441 has some incorrect route lines. Jon deMontjoye has helped add  correct lines and we have produced a single page A4 printout/PDF with these and slightly modified descriptions on it.

    It is also worth noting that there is some misleading text in the Approach chapter on page 436. Ignore the line “500m before the borderthe road goes over a narrow bridge and then swings left.” and substitute “About 1km after leaving the village, the road goes over a narrow bridge and then swings left.”

    Download the PDF Chamonix-Barberine-Update

  • Mallorca DWS Update

    Mallorca DWS UpdateDaimon Beail has been hard at work documenting even more deep water soloing on the Mediterranean paradise of Mallorca. He has put together a major update to the information he provided for the 2011 Mallorca guidebook which is now available as a Mobile MiniGuide.

    Described in this update are 64 new lines, 6 attainable open projects, 5 existing lines with enhanced information and 11 reintroduced lines from the west coast. All of which can be found at 12 DWS venues across the island, of which three are entirely new and are appearing here for the first time.

    Updated Crags: The Tower of Falcons, Cala Barques, Porto Colom – Lighthouse, Cala Marcal, Cala Sa Nau, Cala Mitjana, Cala Serena, Sa Calobra

    New crags: Cova Des Burador, Cala Brafia, Cala Estreta and Port De Soller

    Daimon has also put together a great new article on  UKClimbing – Deep Water Soloing Guide to Mallorca

  • Costa Blanca Xtra – Free MiniGuide

    The Spain : Costa Blanca book was (once again) “the biggest Rockfax ever” with 456 pages, a title it is likely to keep until the next book is published in the summer! Despite its size we still didn’t have room for a number of the crags that we had covered in the previous 2005 edition – crags like Ibi, Sierra Magdelena and Alcoi amongst others. Most of these were dropped due to them being either very outlying, or not very popular.

    Download the Costa Blanca Xtra MiniGuide Now

    This MiniGuide contains 4 of these crags and two extra buttresses from covered crags. It also has Morro Falqui which only ever previously featured in a MiniGuide, and El Picayo, which is a nice-enough little crag but a bit distant from the main areas (see photo). Also of note is the fact that we think we have finally got a decent and accurate approach description to Alcoi – possibly the hardest crag to find anywhere.

    El Picayo which is near Montessa

    The MiniGuide is available in a two-side-printer paginated booklet version (A4-Booklet), and a single-side-printer version (A4-Paper).

    Crags Included (links go to Rockfax Database) – Sierra MagdelenaIbiSector Cumbre (Sax), Foradà (Extra Sectors), Alcoi, Morro Falqui, El Picayo, Baranc de l’Avern

  • Gower Sport Climbing – Mobile Edition

    We have just released a new version of Adrian Berry’s Gower Sport Climbing MiniGuide which has been fully updated, including several very new venues which were only developed over the last few months.

    We noticed that a lot of people appeared to be reading the last edition of this MiniGuide on their mobile phones instead of using the paper print-outs, so with this new edition we decided to adapt for the mobile user whilst stopping short of making a true App. It is still a PDF, it is just a PDF that has been designed to be used on a small screen mobile, or tablet computer, rather than printed into a paper booklet.

    This is only an interim step for Rockfax; we aren’t intending on doing this for many future guides, but adapting our existing document into this mobile format in this case was a lot easier and quicker than creating a fully-fledged App. It also has the added bonus of being a free update for everyone who has already downloaded the first edition of this MiniGuide (just head to My Downloads under the View Cart menu when you’re logged in).

    Download Version 2 of Gower Sport Climbing here

    Liz Collyer on Jaded Locals (6b+) at Watch House.

    We are working on Apps for larger guides and should have something on offer within the next 12 months.


  • North Wales Classics Update – Craig yr Ogof Topo

    A trip to Cwm Silyn on a perfect September weekend provided an opportunity to check some of the classic routes on Craig yr Ogof.

    This isolated mountain crag tends to be less popular than other mountain crags in North Wales but has a set of superb routes that are worthy of anyone’s attention. The nature of the main slab is such that it is possible to climb virtually anywhere on the main slab. This has led to some confusion over the years over exactly where the routes, particularly Kirkus Route and its variations, actually go.

    After some fairly detailed research going back to the original 1955 guidebook, I have come up with a new topo which corrects the route lines from the North wales Classics guidebook which were a little out.

    Download the new NWC Update PDF here

    Sam James-Louwerse seconding pitch 3 of the Central Variant on Craig yr Ogof.

    It became clear while researching that the line followed by what most people now call Kirkus Route is not the line that Kirkus followed when he led the first ascent when the slab had much more grass on it. It is likely that he weaved around at the top. It is possible that the second man Macphee climbed the upper section more directly on the top-rope, as the line goes now.

  • Lofoten Update 2010 Published

    Lofoten Update 2010 example page
    Lofoten Update 2010 - Example page

    Since the publication of the 2008 guidebook, there has been a bit of a boom of activity in Lofoten. The locals were used to having the place almost to themselves but an influx of international visitors has resulted in a small part of the vast potential of this amazing granite landscape being realised. Many major new routes have been added and these have now been documented by Chris and Thorbjørn in a free update.

    The Update has 24 pages detailing new routes, changes and corrections to the 2008 guidebook. It is available in the two different booklet formats.

    The Update has been supported by the Nord Norsk Klatreskole (NNKS).

    Lofoten 2010 Update – A4 paper