Kalymnos Route Name Changes



During the summer of 2018 a climber on Kalymnos changed the names of some of the newer routes. At the time of writing, these routes only appear in the Rockfax guide and this has understandably caused some confusion. To make matters worse the names aren’t all new names and some of them have just been shuffled around. This means that you can arrive at the crag and think you are under one route when in fact you are under a different route. Although this shouldn’t cause too many problems there is one instance where the renamed route is much longer than its previous incarnation in the Rockfax, and one where it is quite a bit harder.

We have now produced a free PDF download which details these changes in two formats. Page 1 is a list of the changes and the other three pages are double page spreads covering the majority of the affected routes which can be inserted into your guidebook.


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