A new guide to El Chorro in December

We are putting the finishing touches to a new book to El Chorro which will be out this December. The previous book from 2008 was definitely showing its age and there has been plenty going on in El Chorro in the intervening 10 years.

Paul Phillips on Arabesque on the Escalera Arabe on Frontales.

There has been a lot of mis-information about the access situation around El Chorro and the famous gorge. Much of this has been connected to the redevelopment of the Caminito, which is a tourist version of the  Camino de Rey built early in the last century. The old rotten walkway that was one of the features of El Chorro climbing back in the early days has now been replaced with a much more solid version which has become a popular tourist attraction. This has meant that the routes in the gorge are now off-limits, most are no longer accessible anyway, but there is now a total ban on routes in the narrow section of the gorge.

El Chorro dps1

This hasn’t had an impact on the place as a climbing venue though since development outside the gorge has been prolific and there are now many more great climbs available on the huge walls of Frontales, in the Central Gorge area and on the surrounding crags of Desplomilandia, Turon and Valle d’Abdalajis. This book will also include a few excellent new crags down by the coast.

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We are working on the book now and it will be available for pre-ordering in November with publication in early December.

Please note – We appreciate that people going out before this would love a copy but we don’t have any copies of the book available before this time and we aren’t able to release PDF versions of the book. 

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