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Kalymnos must be one of the world’s best known sport climbing destinations and with good reason – friendly locals, glorious weather, a picturesque Aegean island setting and, of course, the truly fantastic climbing. There is approaching 3000 climbs at the last count and many of them are of impeccable quality. Climbers from all over the world now visit the place and its reputation has grown into a ‘must visit’ venue. There are many fantastic harder climbs but there is also a remarkable assemblage of high quality climbs in the ever-popular 4a to 6b range.

Categories: , Style: Location: GreeceAuthors: Chris Craggs

The full guide is available on Rockfax Digital
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This  Rockfax guidebook covers all the climbing in the usual Rockfax style – huge photo-topos, big maps, inspiring action photos and bang up-to-date as well. It is an update of the Kalymnos app version which has been available for a year and is available in print and app format.

During the summer of 2018 some route names were changed – Read more

Emborios Area
Olive Tree, Styx Main, Styx Right, François Guillot, Emborios Portal, Kreissaal, Kastri, Sophie, Paradise Garden, Palace Area, Thalassa, Baby House, Palace.

Sikati Area
Sikati Cave, Sikati Beach, Palionisos, Secret Garden, Red Wall, Beach, Bay.

Skalia Area
Elephantslide, Prophitis Andreas, Skalia Pillar, Skalia Balcony, Skalia Cave, Ghost Kitchen, Atlantis.

Galatiani Area
Cave, Reservoir Dogs, Calcite Cave, Galatiani Calcite Cave, Black Forest.

Noufaro Area
Eagle Wall, Magic Wall, Noufaro.

Arhi Area
Dalle à Patouch, Belgian Chocolates, Arhi, Balcony Helvetia, Regensburg, White Wine Wall.

Sea Breeze Area
Great Canyon, Pocket Wall, Sea Breeze, Star Wars.

Sector Holiday, Infrared Wall, Fire Wall, Red Wine Wall.

Arginonta Skyline
Haut de Gorge, Ovoland, Little Verdon, Jägerwand, Piccalia.

Arginonta Valley
Valley, Black Buddha.

Summertime Area
Highlands, Local Freezer, Magoulias Wall, Summertime, Big Shadow, Nikoleta.

Vathy Valley
Koukouvas, Metochi Pyramid, Milianos Crag, Milianos Cave, Je t'aime, Julian, Rocklands.

Kasteli Area
Dolphin Bay, Kasteli.

North Cape Area
Apollo, Peter, Little Italy, North Cape.

Odyssey Area
School, Odyssey, Olympic Wall Area, Ocean Dream, Sector Nemo, Olympic Wall.

Iliada Area
Iliada, Afghan Corridor, Muses.

Spartacus Area
Jurassic Park, Three Stripes, Spartacus, Spartan Wall, Afternoon.

Grande Grotta Area
Grande Grotta, Panorama.

Masouri Area
Stankill, Ivory Tower, Kalydna, Iannis, Coeur d'Armeos, Poets, White Shark, Zeus.

Gerakios and Trois Ilots
Sector Spitfire, Gerakios, Gerakios - Via Ferrata, Trois Ilots.

Symplegades Area
Hump Piste, Pyramid, Ourania, Symplegades.

Chora Area
Pothia Area, Psili Riza , Prophet Ilias, Dodoni, Saint George.

Saint Photis
Austrians, Monastery, The Chapel, The Cave, Spiders.

Princess Canyon, Crystal Cave, Crescendo Cave Area, Scylla and Charybdis, Inspiration, Titan Towers, Prometheus, Snow White, Three Caves, North Face, Underworld, Saint Constantine, Miltiadis, Eros, The Stronghold, Irox, Pescatore, Glaros, Lambda .

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