• Pembroke Rockfax – Now Available!

    Pembroke RockfaxThe Pembroke Rockfax has been published and is now available from the Rockfax site and specialist online retailers. The book is a selected buttress guidebook containing the most popular climbing on North Pembroke, Range East and Lydstep areas, and it has significantly enhanced coverage to its popular predecessor – the 1995 Pembroke Rockfax.

    The publication comes at a great time for Pembroke enthusiasts since the MOD announced last month that there would be significantly fewer restrictions on climbing in Range East this August, and no restrictions during the last 2 weeks of the month – UKC news item. With the bird restrictions also ending on 1 August there has never been more climbing available on these superb and much-loved cliffs.

    If you wish to get hold of a copy then most outdoor retailers should have stock now. You may be able to get the book cheaper from non-outdoor websites like Amazon, but be aware that they don’t have stock so the book can take a long time to arrive. Please also consider supporting the UK outdoor trade when purchasing books – the prices may be higher but the service is better. The prices are not higher because the Outdoor Trade is profiteering, it is simply because we don’t shift the volume that Amazon do.

  • Pembroke Rockfax – Pre-order Now!

    Checking out the Pembroke Running Sheets

    We are nearly there with the Pembroke Rockfax; 14 years after the last edition was published and 4 years since it sold out!

    This book has required some incredibly hard work over the last few months by Mike Robertson and myself, not least because we have had to make some essential trips to Pembroke, and force ourselves up some of the routes. All our work has now finished – the last lines applied to the topos, the last action shot placed, the last text description proof-read.

    Yesterday we got a look at the running sheets for the book (large printed sheets of all the pages) and, even if I do say so myself, it looks absolutely stunning. If you haven’t already seen it then take a look at the sample Mother Carey’s chapter here.

    Pembroke has been a popular destination this year and the new that most of Range East will be open for all of August, including mid-week (UKC News Item), coupled with the bird ban coming off on 1 August, means that there has never been a better time to visit this fantastic area.

    How to get hold of a copy

    We are expecting stock to arrive in the week beginning 10 August. The quickest way to get hold of a copy is to pre-order now at a special offer price with free delivery within the UK –

    Your local retailer or favourite online retailer should have stock for around 15/16 August.

  • Western Grit – Order now!

    Western Grit CoverApril the 1st and we are now onto our second book of the year – no joking! Western Grit is being printed as I type this and should be ready at the end of the month. Check out the sample chapter of Wilton 1.

    Once again Chris Craggs has delivered the goods with a big effort. He spent much of the pretty dreadful summer last year trudging up to the far-flung corners of the Western Edges and has produced a set of shots that would make you think we had a heat wave. They look sensational and include some stunning photos of Wimberry taken at 5:30am one June morning – below.

    Wimberry in the early morning sun

    ROCKFAX Shop

    This book also marks the first stage launch of the new Rockfax shop. Initially the shop will just be dealing with the pre-orders for Western Grit but in future all Rockfax books and MiniGuides will go through it, with the possibility for bulk purchases and loyalty offers.

    Pre-order your copy now so that you can get hold of the book as soon as it is available for a special offer price of £20.95 (RRP £21.95). We are also offering free postage for all UK orders.

  • Winter CLIMBING + Published!

    The year is not yet a month old and Rockfax have already published a book! Winter CLIMBING +  is now available and should be in the shops, and on the web sites, for ordering by the end of the week.

    Order Winter CLIMBING + direct here

    The book is the third in the ‘Plus’ series following on from the critically acclaimed Sport CLIMBING + and Trad CLIMBING +. As with the previous ‘Plus’ books, we have managed to track down the most accomplished exponents around and in Neil Gresham and Ian Parnell we found two winter climbers who are at the top of the game.

    The book they have put together takes you from first steps onto snow and ice, right through to cutting edge ascents of mixed routes. The emphasis once again is on improving your climbing standard focussing on simple techiques you can use to make the most out of your ability, time and equipment.

    Download the preview chapter here

     The Next Rockfax Publication

    Work is now finishing on the new edition of Western Grit which will be available in the last week of April.

  • El Chorro Published

    The El Chorro guidebook has been published today, hopefully in time for everyone going out there for Christmas. Stock should be arriving at the online distributors tomorrow morning (Thursday 11) and they will get these sent out before the weekend (13 and 14).

    Obviously we are dealing with the Christmas post however we hope that all UK online orders will arrive either by the weekend or early next week. UK shops should get their stock early next week. Online orders going further into Europe will probably take at least a week to arrive but these too will be sent out next week.

    The book looks great and we are very happy with it. The main author Mark Glaister is currently back out in El Chorro, this time simply to enjoy the climbing. His mate is bringing some copies direct via EasyJetso there should een be a few copies in El Chorro by this weekend. svenska casinon på

    Thanks to the new printers – John Browns in Nottingham for sorting the books so quickly.

    Now it is on with the new edition of Western Grit!

  • Lofoten Rock wins Banff – “perfect!” says John Harlin

    Lofoten RockFor the second year running a Rockfax guidebook has won the prestigious Mountain Exposition Prize at the Banff Mountain Book Festival. Last year it was Deep Water, and this year it is Lofoten Rock.

    John Harlin, a judge at Banff and renowned mountain author described the book as “perfect”. You can read his full report here.

    Chris Craggs was unable to attend the ceremony but sent over  a speech which was read out in which he especially thanked co-author Thorbjørn Enevold:

    “…And most importantly to Thorbjørn Enevold the climbing guide who lives and works in Lofoten, where he runs the NNKS (North Norway Climbing School), and who was instrumental in getting Ed Webster to write the classic 1994 guidebook “Climbing in the Magic Islands”. Our incidental meeting when we first arrived in Lofoten, was a fortuitous one (Sherri hired me guide of the first time ever to do the scary Svolvaer Goat). When he discovered I worked for RockFax he was wary, but I sent him a copy of our most recent guide and he later admitted – he realised straight away that “I wanted to be on that train”. His local knowledge and network of contacts ensured that the guide was up-to-date and accurate. He knew from the start what kind of a guide he wanted and subtly shunted me in the ‘right’ direction.
    Thanks for giving me the chance to write a guide to this fantastic part of the world – your part of the world – and for making us welcome there.”

    This is also the third year on the trot that this award has been won by a British guidebook since the BMC won with Burbage, Millstone and Beyond in 2006. which just goes to show once again what a great state UK guidebooks are in. Here are some more thoughts on this.

  • Three New Publications

    Mallorca DWS CoverWe are pleased to announce three new publications, one of which is available immediately, and two books for later in the year.

    Firstly we have Daimon Beail’s latest addition to the deep water solo information covering Mallorca. Daimon wrote a MiniGuide called Mallorca Psicobloc in 2006 which covered the three big cliffs of Porto Cristo (Cova del Diablo), Cala Marcel and Cala Barques, plus a few smaller venues. This information was then adpated and updated by Daimon, working together with Mike Robertson, in the award-winning book Deep Water. Since then Daimon has been hard at work documenting many more areas which are now fully covered in this new MiniGuide – Mallorca Deep Water Soloing. This makes a great companion to the book Deep Water and is essential reading for anyone going to the island with a view to tackling some DWS action.

    The next print publication will be a full guide to El Chorro. This great area last appeared in a print Rockfax in 2001. Despite rumours to the contrary climbing in the area remains as vibrant and active as ever, and there is also a wealth of new crags in the vicinity which are gain coverage for the first time in a Rockfax. For those looking for a ahcnage from the Costa Blanca or Mallorca, El Chorro should be on the hit list for this winter. Expected publication date is late November but we’ll say early December to be safe. Being this great has it’s consequences endless Ddos attacks leading primary Empire Market URL to be down, and alternative mirror too.

    The final publication of the year is the third in the series of ‘plus’ books – Winter CLIMBING +. This time we will be focussing on all aspects of winter climbing, from ice to mixed, mountain safety to waterfall climbing. The book is being written by two of the Country’s leading winter climbers – Neil Gresham and Ian Parnell.

  • Lofoten Rock – Out Now

    PuffinsLofoten Rock has now been published and very proud we are of it too! As with Northern England – our first book of 2008 – Chris Craggs has been the main author and this publication marks the end of a period of about 4 or 5 years of effort by Chris on the two projects. When you combine these two books with Eastern Grit published in 2006 and Costa Blanca published in 2005, it is an incredibly impressive quartet of 300-plus page guidebooks to have in your portfolio. Congratulations to Chris, and also to Thorbjørn Enevold who is the co-author in this case.

    Lofoten Rock represents another step forward in Rockfax publication style. We have adopted a much more lavish approach to topo size and our use of photography and the books look even more impressive and rich in colour than they used to, if that is possible!

    Take a look at the preview chapter here.

    Spot the Puffins – The hidden ‘Easter Eggs’ in the Costa Blanca Rockfax proved to be very popular so we thought it time to provide some extra guidebook-reading entertainment again in the shape of hidden Puffins. There are 20 of them spread across the various locations – some of them are fairly obvious, some less so, and one or two are near impossible to find – mind you we said that about the Easter Eggs and still they were all found by someone (although not the same person). We have prizes for the first 10 people to send me an email with the location of all 20 puffins although, having seen the finished book, I am willing to bet that no-one will manage it.

  • Lofoten Rock – Nearly There!

    Last week, Chris and I went down to the printers in Nottingham to see the first sheets of Lofoten Rock roll off the press. Since then the rest have been printed and I received a set of unbound ‘running sheets’ yesterday. This is always a good moment when you can see the appearance of the finished pages for the first time. No matter how many screens versions and proofs you look at (and both of these have come a very long way in the last 16 years!) the only thing that really looks like the finished product is … well, the finished product. I think the impact this time was more dramatic than any previous guidebooks I have done simply because of the amount of stunning images this book contains.

    Lofoten ‘running sheets’

    We made a little video of the printing which you can see here.

    We are also doing our best ever web offer throughout May – £5 off for all orders placed online from here.

    Projected delivery times

    UK online orders – week beginning 19th May

    Rest of Europe – week beginning 26 May (far less predictable though)

    Lofoten – local stock should arrive in the last week of May.