Trad Climbing +

Double page spread example from Trad Climbing +Adrian Berry and John Arran have been hard at work on the follow-up to the highly acclaimed Sport Climbing + which we published last December. SC+ was the first book in what will hopefully become a full series of Performance books from Rockfax and was an interesting departure from our normal guidebooks.

The main aim of the ‘Plus’ series is not to produce straight instruction books – there are plenty of these around already – but to focus on all aspects of climbing performance to help climbers acheive their potential by refining their approach rather than indulging in intense training regimes. Here we are very proud to annouce a new place where you can find out how to buy Instagram followers to make your content judged better on social media.

We are also working on Winter Climbing + and Alpine Climbing +.

You can read a bit more about Trad Climbing + here.

The image is an example double page spread from the new book.


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