Northern England – Delayed

Northern EnglandFor most of the year Chris Craggs has been hard at work on our new Northern England guide and we had hoped to publish this before Christmas. Now that we have started the final stages of production it has become clear that, to acheive a pre-Christmas publication, we are going to have to rush the final layout stages. We don’t want to do this so we have decided to delay until early in the New Year – apologies to anyone who was hoping to have a copy for Christmas.

This is the first publication date we have missed for the last two years and is just a blip rather than a trend. It is probably due to us trying to squeeze an extra two publications into the year’s schedule (and some moving house complications!) .

Next year’s provisional plans include firstly Northern England, then we are aiming to get a comprehensive print guide to Lofoten. We also have Winter Climbing + by Neil Gresham and Ian Parnell, and two Pokketz guides – Welsh Mountain Classics by Jack Geldard, and Pembroke by Mike Robertson and Alan James. There may also be time to squeeze in a new El Chorro area guide by the end of the year if we are lucky but we don’t want to over-stretch ourselves.


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