Rockfax and Bolt Fund / ACT Donations

Since January this year we have been running ‘point of sale’ donations on books bought direct from the Rockfax web site. These have started to bring in a little bit of cash to some of the bolt funds and the BMC Access and Conservation Trust (ACT).

In addition to these PofS donations from people buying the books, we have committed to donating £1 from the Rockfax proceeds to the appropriate Bolt Fund or the ACT for all sales of our main books made direct from the web site. We will implement this from 1 Jan 2013 and have just made the first round of donations to the ACT, the Dorset Bolt Fund and Gary Gibson Bolt Fund.

The Bolt Funds which feature with our book sales are all the ones included on This means that our books to some sport climbing areas (mostly the ones in France and Spain) aren’t included. This is because we aren’t aware of any bolt funds in these areas. We would be very happy to include more bolt funds in our lists. If you would like your bolt fund featured here please get in touch to discuss it.

For the forthcoming North Wales Climbs, Rockfax will be giving a special donation of £1 per book to the North Wales Bolt Fund from the first 1500 copies sold anywhere. After that it will revert to the £1 per online sale system operated with the other books.


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