North Wales Climbs to Support the North Wales Bolt Fund

The forthcoming North Wales Climbs guidebook, due for publication this autumn, covers several sport climbing areas on the Slate and North Wales Limestone. The sport routes in these areas rely on the bolting efforts of local climbers which are co-ordinated via the North Wales Bolt Fund.

Colin Goodey Rebolting at Castle Inn Quarry. Photo: NWBF

Rockfax are happy to have been able to support the North Wales Bolt Fund via our site for the last 3 years and we are grateful to everyone that has donated money by whatever route. We have also recently added point-of-sale donation options for our online sales which direct people at the bolt fund associated with the local area they cover when purchasing a guidebook direct from the Rockfax web site, and this will be added for the North Wales Climbs guide when that book is published.

However, the North Wales Bolt Fund is a very active bolt fund which has spent over £12,000 over the last few years and has plans for a number of new initiatives, particularly in the limestone area. More funds are needed which is why we welcome the proposed new definitive guidebook to North Wales Limestone. This book has taken on the definitive coverage from Rockfax and, in a new development in British climbing, has pledged that all its profits will be donated to the bolt fund.

The funds provided by the new definitive book may well ultimately provide some much needed cash for the North Wales Bolt Fund but this is unlikely to happen for a year or two due to the initial publishing costs needing to be met first. To help bridge this gap we are pleased to announce that we will be making a donation of £1 per book from the first 1500 copies sold to the fund, and that we will be making this donation monthly after publication, based on the previous month’s sales.

July 3 addition – After the first 1500 copies have sold, Rockfax will donate £1 for each online sale of the book from this web site. This is in addition to the point-of-sale donations availability for people buying the book direct.



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