Lakes Rockfax Finally Sells Out!

Lakes Cover18 years after publication the Lakes Rockfax has finally sold out, making it by some distance the longest-lasting Rockfax guide ever. You may still find the odd copy on shelves of specialist outdoor retailers for a few more months, but this book will soon be fully consigned to the history books.

From a Rockfax point of view I am quite glad to see it passing. Although the book itself was a worthy book in its time, the information was now quite out of date and the style of production made me cringe very time I opened a copy. It did a job though and hopefully many will have enjoyed using it over the years.

The southern limestone crags of Cumbria were re-covered in the 2004 Northern Limestone guide – a book which has now sold out itself! The new edition of Yorkshire and Cumbria Limestone due in 2013 will include these fine crags. The bouldering is still covered in Lakes Bouldering. The slate is currently not covered by Rockfax but well documented in the FRCC series of guides, as is St. Bees. We have long term plans to do a selected guidebook to the Lakes which will include the best of the slate and St. Bees.


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