Harpur Hill Parking – Update

There are some new parking problems at Harpur Hill which have developed since the publication of the new guidebook. The situation is very sensitive at the moment due to the area known as the ‘Blue Lagoon’ being used by all sorts of people for parties and raves at weekends. Local residents and the police have been reporting major noise and litter problems and some climbers have been caught up in this as the police clamp down. (It is important to say that the Blue Lagoon is full of very nasty toxic chemicals and you should under no circumstances swim in there despite what other idiots are doing).

There are two parking areas described in the Peak Limestone guidebook but we have since found a good third option. These are marked on the map below.

Parking 1 – In the Industrial Estate
This is one of the two parking spots listed in the current (2012) guidebook and is on the approach to the research building. It has given few problems for the last year or so since it is out of the way and you aren’t blocking anything. Owing to developing weekend problems of youths swimming in the toxic lagoon, the police appear to be clamping down when it is busy. Technically, you aren’t allowed to park on a road with an unbroken ‘no overtaking’ double-white-line down the middle, which is the case here even on the section described in the guide as ‘lay by’. This law applies even if you get your car off the road, hence you can get ticketed in this spot and you will have no come-back despite the fact that it is such an open area with loads of space. The current advice is to park elsewhere, especially at weekends.

Parking 2 – In the village
This parking is as stated in the guidebook. You can park here but there isn’t much room, and you won’t make the locals happy, especially if you block something in.

Parking 3 – A new spot up Hillhead Lane
This new spot that reaches the quarry from the back appears to be a good option for climbers at the moment, since there don’t appear to be any restrictions on parking and plenty of space. The walk-in is easy and can take you to the Dark Side lower or Upper Tiers in around 10 minutes.

It should be noted that there is no formal access to Harpur Hill Quarry and you should leave is asked to do so. If this happens to you please let the BMC know the details.

There is a thread here on UKClimbing.com to discuss this.


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