• Snowdonia : Mountain Walks and Scrambles – New book

    We are pleased to announce our third publication of the year – Snowdonia : Mountain Walks and Scrambles. This book is being put together by Mark Reeves – author of North Wales Slate and North Wales Climbs – and covers walks and scrambles around Snowdon, the Glyders, Carneddau and wider Snowdonia area.

    The book is aimed at people who want to get more out of their walking in the mountains and move on to longer link-ups and scrambles. It also includes some easier rock climbs to aspire to.

    The routes are illustrated by big overview photos, and detailed maps accompanying a full description.

    At present we are aiming to have the book available by this autumn but this is pending any developments in the current pandemic which could force us to change our plans.

  • Sustainable Bolt Donation for Mallorca

    We are very pleased to have been able to send some superb Titanium bolts to climbers in Mallorca. The bolts are made by Sheffield company Titan Climbing run by Martin Roberts. They are designed for long-lasting sustainable bolting particularly on sea-cliff areas.

    To arrange this donation we have been working with local climbers. Their intention is to use the bolts in conjunction with their own supplies on various routes where there is a significant problem with erosion.

  • Peak Limestone Published

    The much-anticipated Peak Limestone book is now available for online ordering or from your local specialist outdoor retailer. This is our second book of the year after Spain : Mallorca but the first new edition. It also the forth Rockfax book covering Peak Limestone since 1992 just 8 years since the last edition.

    The 2020 book is a completely new edition with many more crags and a full new set of crag photos. Everything has been updated and the book is in the new Rockfax look developed for 2020.

    The book also represents a new dual-style print and digital production. The print book gives a user-friendly book with big colour crag and action photos designed to inspire. The digital app version has an additional 18 crags covered in a functional and searchable style with geo-locating maps and full access to the UKC Logbook system.

  • New Rockfax Web Site

    The last few weeks have been frantic as we finished off Peak Limestone and then prepared a completely new website for The book is now at the printers and the website is now public but there may be a few teething problems so things haven’t really calmed down that much.

    We needed a new web site for a few reasons. Firstly, the old one was not only dated in appearance, but also in its technical engine. The online shop was old and couldn’t be updated, and the site was unresponsive on mobile devices.

    The launch of the UKC Supporter scheme gave us just the incentive we needed to get a simple new web site using a modern shop plug-in. We had to change our payment processor anyway so we moved from PayPal to Stripe which provides much neater integration.

    If you have any feedback then let us know. Please login with your UKC Login since this will then easily link to the app and your UKC Supporter account should you use them.

  • UKC Supporter Scheme Launched

    During the past six weeks, we have seen our traffic increase as people spent more time at home and reached out to their virtual communities for support. At UKClimbing and Rockfax we have been proud to have played a small part in facilitating this community spirit with our informative news, inspiring articles and quizzes.

    However, the lockdown has affected everyone hugely and the outdoor industry is no exception. Shops are closed and this means that the chain of supply, manufacture and design of outdoor equipment is on hold too. We rely on advertising from the outdoor industry to keep the sites running. With the freeze of the outdoor industry comes a freeze in the income which supports UKClimbing and a huge drop in book sales for Rockfax. As such we’re in the strange situation that whilst our traffic has increased, our main source of income has decreased.

    To help overcome this we are creating a combined offering from UKC and Rockfax to ask for your help by creating a UKC SupporterPlus scheme. This scheme enables you to support your favourite climbing website and receive some excellent benefits in return, namely access to the Rockfax App, discounts on Rockfax guidebooks and the UKC Supporter Badge.

    If you choose to take out the UKC SupporterPlus option then you will receive a 1-year subscription to the Rockfax App. The Rockfax App contains the entire Rockfax catalogue and guidebook information from third-party publishers. It covers over 900 crags and 60,000 routes and can be connected to your UKC account to record climbs and update your UKC Logbook. It is available on iOS and Android devices. More on the Rockfax App here.

    In addition as a SupporterPlus, you will receive 30% off all guidebooks ordered direct from the Rockfax online shop. This includes exclusive pre-orders for new guidebooks before they are published including the new Peak Limestone guidebook which is going on pre-order from today.

    While the UKC Supporter scheme has come from a time of need in the face of a crisis, we are committed to providing the kind of websites that we as climbers would love to visit. We want to inspire you with the most up-to-date news, an amazing app, beautifully produced guidebooks, diverse and interesting articles, comprehensive gear reviews, breathtaking photographs and a vast and useful logbook system. This is not something new, it is what we’ve always done and will continue to do. When this crisis is eventually over we intend to continue the UKC Supporter scheme in order to support the growth of the sites so that we can continue to offer you the kind of content you want to see.

    UKClimbing and Rockfax are more than just websites – they are communities. As with any community, we’re built upon a reciprocal exchange: we provide you with excellent websites, in return you give us your input through the forums, logbooks, and by simply visiting the sites, to make them what they are today. We are trying our hardest to ensure that this community can continue to exist in its current form, and we would love you to help us if you are able.

    The UKC and Rockfax Team

  • Peak Limestone – Pre-order Now

    We have been busy during lockdown finishing off the new Peak Limestone guidebook. This big new book is the next stage in development for Rockfax. It has a new design layout but is also more closely linked to the App than any previous publication.

    The book is set to be published on 12 June (slight delay from the 4 June date previously announced due to freight being slow to leave Poland) and we will release the extended app content at the same time. The app will cover many extra crags and buttresses. Some of these are minor venues, others are extra buttresses on otherwise well-documented crags and others are in places where the development is not yet complete.

    We have also been able to get some amazing new crag shots for the guide using the latest camera and Photoshop technology. The printed version really shows this amazing photography off to the full with some huge full double-page topos and overview photos.

    Horseshoe Quarry Overview
    The Main Face of High Tor

    Now published

    UKC SupporterPlus can pre-order at 30% off the RRP (RRP £34.95, UKC Supporter price £24.47) including delivery. The books will be delivered as soon as we receive stock in early June.

  • Spain : Mallorca Updated


    We now have a new edition of the Spain : Mallorca guide available. This updates the previous edition published in 2016. It is a minor new edition with the same overall coverage but hundreds of small changes to route data, stars and grades, and around 50 new routes. It is also in the new Rockfax layout. If you own the 2016 edition then you can probably afford to give this one a miss. We will be working on a full new edition over the next few years and are aiming to publish it around 2023/2024.

  • Rockfax Grade Tables Updated

    In response to feedback we have added an extra grade category to the familiar green, orange, red, and black spot system first introduced in Peak Gritstone East in  2001. We now have a ‘White Spot’ which corresponds to routes at the highest level of difficulty. Sport 8a and above, trad E7, font 8A, etc.

    We have updated our grade tables to take account of this change and added a few more difficulty levels since the last versions.

    Free Use for Poster Printing

    Please download the hi-res PDF versions of these tables if you wish to get these printed into posters.

    Download Safe Trad Routes PDF – Compare UK trad grades with well-protected sport routes, UIAA, USA, Norway and Australian systems.

    Download Bold Trad Routes PDF  – A more difficult comparison for bold trad routes to sport grades, UIAA, USA, Norway and Australian systems.

    Download Bouldering Grade PDF – Comparison between Font, V and UK tech grades.

    We recommend Instantprint where an A1 poster costs around £16 (+VAT and delivery). Other similarly priced services are available.