Peak Limestone Update

We have just released an update for Peak Limestone. This includes updates for the following crags:

Horseshoe – minor changes
Stoney – minor changes
Darlton Quarry – new routes and description updates
Pin Dale – New Crag – Needs installing separately since it isn’t there to update.
Moss Rake – minor changes
Smalldale – minor changes
Chee Dale – minor changes
Raven Tor – minor changes
Water-cum-Jolly – minor changes
Aldery Cliff – significant changes with lower-offs added to most routes
Beeston Tor – minor changes
Dovedale – minor changes
Willersley – minor changes
Bend Tor – new routes
Lorry Park Quarry – minor changes
Wildcat – minor changes
Intake Quarry – parking spot change

(Because there were so many updates it was easier for us to update all the crag packages so there will be 49 crags to update).

To Update

Go to Crags > Installed and flick down to expose the hidden menu at the top. This shows the update number (probably 49 unless there are other updates waiting).

Pin Dale – Search for ‘Pin Dale’ in the search box and tap through to the Peak Limestone view which shows Pin Dale and tap the cloud to install it.


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