Rockfax Make Donations to Multiple Bolt Funds

As part of our ongoing program of support to bolting and access in the areas covered by our print and digital guides, Rockfax (UK Climbing Limited) has just made a round of significant donations to multiple bolt funds.

In the UK this included direct payments to the Dorset BF, Cumbria BF (Lake District), South Wales BF, Yorkshire BF and Peak BF to support ongoing gear replacement in these areas.

In the rest of Europe we made donations to bolting in El Chorro and Mallorca adding to the donation made in the Costa Blanca last month. There are also a couple of pending donations to other areas waiting for completion.

In total the amount of the donations is just over £4500. Our aim by making more frequent donations is to build up a sustainable system where we can continue to generate support on the back of excellent up-to-date guide information. These donations are funded from both our book and digital sales.

Rockfax-purchased bolts for rebolting routes in Mallorca. Photo: Rafa Ramirez

Thanks to Chris Miller, Rafa Ramirez, Martt Hallet, Ron Kenyon, Simon Lee, Roy Thomas, Neil McCallum, Chris Parkin, Tom Phillips and Dave Musgrove for their help. Special thanks to climber Iris Czaja from Germany who contacted me directly following her climbing holiday in Mallorca to make a significant personal donation which we added to ours.

Follow-up – Nicholas Armstrong who is involved in crag maintenance in the Calanques area has sent this feedback on work done there using the drill purchased by Rockfax.


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