Makinodromo, El Chorro – Rebolting Crowd Funding

The magnificent wall with Lourdes (8a) up its centre at Makinodromo, El Chorro

Local climbers in El Chorro are asking for help to rebolt the Makinodromo area in El Chorro. This is one of the most famous crags in Europe and is in need of rebolting having been originally developed around 30 years ago.

The routes are long and steep and the approach walk long, making it a huge task. For this reason, the proposal is to use long-lasting stainless steel bolts which adds to the expense.

Please donate generously to help with this redevelopment.

You can read more about the proposal and make a donation here

Rockfax made a donation of €750 in January 2022 adding to previous donations totaling nearly €2000 since the publication of the El Chorro Rockfax in 2018.

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