Rockfax Virtual Runner System™

Have you ever grabbed a cluster of wires and tried four different sizes before you get the right one? Stared at a slot thinking what can I get in there and then over-stuffed a cam because you choose the wrong size?

Well those days are over. The Rockfax Virtual Runner System™, or Rockfax VRS™ for short, brings together your mobile device, 3-D mapping and our huge database to provide the perfect solution. Just start the app when you begin the climb and point it at the route when you need some gear. It will 3-D scan the rock in front of you, consult our huge database of possibilities and offer the best option for a solid runner placement in a fraction of a second. It even tells you the orientation so that all you need to do is reach down to your harness, grab the runner and pop it in. So simple, it is a wonder that no-one has thought of it before!

Our vast database includes all types of protection from the smallest wires to the biggest cams. You can pre-select your preferred brand of gear so that it chooses from your own available rack. A process that could have involved minutes of fiddling with wires while getting pumped is now streamlined using the latest technology to get the correct runner straight away and save time on every route. The sophisticated 3-D scanner can assess everything within its view. We have uploaded 3-D models of millions of different cracks, pockets and slots on various rock types to our enormous database to make precise runner selection as accurate as possible.

In tests climbers using Rockfax VRS™ were proven to place gear 28% faster and get 31% less pumped!

Rockfax VRS™ Plus

The basic app is free-to-use but for a small monthly subscription fee you can take a photo of your own rack and our sophisticated algorithm will create virtual models of every piece of gear. This then tailors the set of runners specifically to what you are carrying.

Just take a photo of your rack

Not only does this make the selection process even easier and more accurate, it allows for mixed racks from different brands and uses an image of the actual runners in the virtual simulation.

With Rockfax VRS PlusPlus a real photo of your gear is used in the simulation
The system works with all types of gear including cams

Rockfax VRS™ Plus Plus

Our medium level of subscription works with the patented Rockfax VRS™ Helmet Mount* and voice activation. Hands-free runner selection with the process made so much easier using our highly advanced system. Start climbing with your device securely held in place on your helmet scanning as you climb. Simply say the word ‘runner’ and the device will announce its recommendation instantly enabling you to quickly go to your harness and grab the perfect piece of gear.

The Rockfax VRS Helmet Mount for hands-free voice-activated runner placements

Rockfax VRS™ Plus Plus Plus

Our top-level subscription brings all the superb technology available with Rockfax VRS™ Plus Plus and the patented Rockfax VRS™ Helmet Mount*, but you can also customise your companion voice with our celebrity link-ups. Now you can be accompanied on each climb by one of the world’s best climbers and benefit from their expert advice. New climbing celebrities being added all the time.

Four Different Plans Available

Just choose the level of subscription you want and put your runner placing woes behind you now with Rockfax VRS™.

Rockfax VRS™ is available now for iOS and Android from the App Store and Google Play.

Find out more and subscribe here

*Rockfax VRS™ Helmet Mount is an additional purchase


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