North Wales Slate App Update


We have updated the North Wales Climbs app package to include a near full guide to North Wales Slate. All the recent developments in Australia and Twll Mawr Quarries have been added, and  coverage for all the main crags included in the previous version has been expanded to cover the majority of the routes in the Slate Quarries. The information has been put together by Rockfax guidebook author and Llanberis local Mark Reeves.

To get the guide you need to first download the Rockfax app to your iOS device (Android version due later this year). Then check the Downloads section to locate the North Wales Climbs and Slate Quarries package. More information about the Rockfax App.

For people who previously purchased either the full North Wales Climbs package, or the Slate package, this is a free upgraded. Just go to Crags > Downloads > North Wales Climbs and then tap on ‘Update’ next to the correct package.


We have also added geo-location to all the other maps in the guide so that you can now see yourself as a blue dot on out crag overview maps.

A blue dot appears even if you have no 4G connection to show you where you are on the offline map.

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