Rockfax to Raise Funds for Portland Access

Rockfax are pleased to announce a fund raising initiative which is being launched in conjunction with the new Dorset Bouldering guidebook. The aim is to raise £2000 to help towards stabilising the paths on the approaches to the crags on Portland, many of which were damaged during the storms in the winter of 2013/14. The approach to Battleship in particular suffered some very serious landslips.

Local climber Steve Taylor says, “improving access to the Battleship area has to be highest on the list of things to do. The southern access is the only feasible way in now since the landslide, but it’s a bit tricky to find and any ropes that have bene placed to aid the descent keep getting stolen.”

Erosion under Blacknor Far South and Battleship Cliff on Portland. Photo: Neal Heanes

The funds will be raised by making a £1 donation from the first 1500 copies of Dorset Bouldering that are sold, online from the Rockfax web site and elsewhere from retailers. The remaining £500 will come from ongoing online sales from the Rockfax web site. We will also encourage people to make their own point of sale donations and these will be used to supplement the final total so hopefully we can raise even more than £2000!

The money will be given to the BMC ACT who have agreed to ring fence this money to ensure that it is targeted to the correct projects when required.

The work can’t be done straight away though since some of the area is still not stable. Local BMC Area Rep Neal Heanes says, “some areas probably need to be left to stabilise before spending time and cash on, but other bits can definitely be made safer.”

This is the third fund-raising initiative Rockfax have now undertaken in the last 2 years. The North Wales Bolt Fund received £1532 after the publication of North Wales Climbs, and the Yorkshire and Cumbria Bolt Funds are on their way to receiving a similar amount on the back of the Northern Limestone Rockfax.


The Dorset Bouldering Rockfax is now available for pre-ordering at an extra special offer of £22.95 (RRP £29.95).



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