Mula – Approach Changes

There have been some changes to the approach to Sector Ferrari at Mula. There is also a whole new area called Sector Abuelo which has been developed a little further along the ridge. The routes are listed here on the UKC Logbook page.

New Parking and Approach

Come off the Murcia-Caravaca dual carriageway at the Mula exit (no 20) and at the roundabout which accesses the industrial estate go back underneath the carriageway, Immediately take a road next to the slip road coming down from the dual carriageway (signposted ‘Embalse la Cierva’). Drive up here for 2.3km until just past a large complex of solar panels.

SECTOR LA PRESA – Turn left at the panels and drop down to the parking spots under the crag.

SECTOR FERRARI and ABUELA – Continue for 0.9km past the panels and, at the highest point on the road, take a dirt track on the right which goes underneath the dual carriageway. Follow the track until you come to a left fork (ignoring the dirt track immediately after the underpass). This used to be a drivable rough track but is now a tarmac road. There has been locked gate here in the past but this has now been removed (if it reappears then you will need to park here and walk up the road – 20 mins). Follow the road until you reach the summit plateau and park here on the left underneath a single pine tree. A footpath leads in 20 seconds to the cliff edge. Easy descents lead to Sector Abuelo on your right (looking out) and Sector Ferrari on your left.

Thanks to Alison Cairns for supplying this information.


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