Rockfax Donations to Bolt Funds and the ACT – April to June 2014


Six months into the year and it is time for the second set of donations to the various Bolt Funds and the ACT that we support with online sales of Rockfax guidebooks. Once again the largest donation has gone to the North Wales Bolt Fund which received £436 making a total £1233 donated since the North Wales Climbs book was published in November 2013. The ACT  received £281 which was boosted by some very generous Point of Sale donations and the success of the Peak Bouldering guide.

We have also made a donation to the El Chorro Bolt Fund and welcome approaches from all bolt funds, from anywhere in Europe covered by a Rockfax guidebook, to get involved. Contact us using the form.

Thanks to everyone who supported this by buying direct from the Rockfax web site, or making a generous PoS donation


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