Cala Barques DWS Mallorca

A number of issues have been raised regarding the Mallorca DWS venue of Cala Barques

Metro Sexual Area at Cala Barques, Mallorca © Paul Phillips

There have been a number of individuals from the general public who have recklessly been jumping from the top of the Cova area and badly injuring themselves. At weekends and in the public holiday season the bay of Cala Barques gets very busy with tourists and many of them are acting irresponsibly by jumping under the influence or in an ‘un-educated’ way. In 2012 a no jumping sign was erected at the top of the cove but unfortunately was ignored.

The Ban Sign

Once again the art of irresponsible Tombstoning has hit the climbing community hard and currently there is now a ban on Cliff Jumping and Deep Water Soloing at Cala Barques. It’s unclear as to what extent the ban goes to regarding the area but if choosing to visit then do so by avoid weekends and public holidays. If you are asked to stop climbing at any of the cliffs in the area then please do so without protest. The council are unable to issue fines at time of writing but they have increased the man power at the cliffs to enforce the ban. Hopefully in time, collaboration between the climbing community and the Mallorca council may usher in new terms for climbing in the area. Currently it is understood that the authorities are not necessarily against Deep Water Soloing at Barques, but the feeling is that they would prefer the activity to be removed from the general public’s attention at Barques to discourage jumping. Cala Barques has also a problem with illegal camping in the area which is now out of control. Officials are cracking down on people doing this with fines (which have been witnessed first-hand). Barques needs to be protected so please DO NOT camp at Barques, no fires and take all rubbish home with you. It’s a place of outstanding natural beauty and climbers and the general public need to keep it this way.


3 thoughts on “Cala Barques DWS Mallorca

  • There is in fact no sign at Cala Barques, it has been removed. Furthermore, there were many climbers there yesterday (Sunday), as well as tourists on the beach. There were no issues with anybody being asked to stop climbing. Climbing conditions were excellent, very dry/light breeze and not too hot. If only the sea were a bit warmer, but that’s extra motivation to not fall!

  • I think, it’s okay to stop this development. Too many people, too many idiots and too much rubbish in this area. There are so many examples in the history of climbing-areas (Buoux, Finale Ligure etc.): only bans lead to a change…

  • When I went with the wife in october 2013 The sign had gone, the beach was clean and the area is certainly not trashed. Very good climbing with 5/6 people climbing when I was there, a laid back diy beech bar and some people living in a cave, playing guitar and having a sing song on the beech. Laid back and beautiful. Take your crap home, bury your shit and keep it that way. Al


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