Gower Sport Climbing – Mobile Edition

We have just released a new version of Adrian Berry’s Gower Sport Climbing MiniGuide which has been fully updated, including several very new venues which were only developed over the last few months.

We noticed that a lot of people appeared to be reading the last edition of this MiniGuide on their mobile phones instead of using the paper print-outs, so with this new edition we decided to adapt for the mobile user whilst stopping short of making a true App. It is still a PDF, it is just a PDF that has been designed to be used on a small screen mobile, or tablet computer, rather than printed into a paper booklet.

This is only an interim step for Rockfax; we aren’t intending on doing this for many future guides, but adapting our existing document into this mobile format in this case was a lot easier and quicker than creating a fully-fledged App. It also has the added bonus of being a free update for everyone who has already downloaded the first edition of this MiniGuide (just head to My Downloads under the View Cart menu when you’re logged in).

Download Version 2 of Gower Sport Climbing here

Liz Collyer on Jaded Locals (6b+) at Watch House.

We are working on Apps for larger guides and should have something on offer within the next 12 months.



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