Port Soller Open

Back in 1993 I went to Mallorca armed with limited information and tops to a handful of crags. One classic description said – drive to Port de Soller and follow the fish – and this turned out to be all the information we needed to get to the crag of Port de Soller. Unfortunately we then included a slightly enhanced version of that description in our first guidebook of 1995 just before the prominent ‘fish’ signs were taken down.

On this first visit 19 years ago, there was a bit of a building site above the crag and it wasn’t long after that that I first heard that “the crag at Port de Soller was closed due to the building work”. In the intervening years it has “opened” and “closed” more times than I can remember. In reality the crag has never been officially open and you always ran the risk of being turned away if the wrong person was near the entrance when you arrived.

At last though it appears that the building saga is over. The Jumeriah hotel is now open (photo below borrowed from their web site) and provides 5-star accommodation if you can afford it.

Hopefully this will now put an end to the access problems at Port Soller and we have had very recent reports of people climbing there without problems, however we have no news of any official position on climbing access. PromoGirl escort

If you have an experiences here then please let us know.


One thought on “Port Soller Open

  • Climbed there several days in a row in the second week of March 2014. No problems. Altough the hotel should have the construction company clean the crag and approach from trash that the construction workers seem to have thrown down the cliff from above.


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