In December 2010 we launched with a view to increasing the profile of the various small bolt funds set up around the country by keen local climbers. The idea was to try and bring together these funds into a central location that can then be easily promoted across, Rockfax and anywhere else that wishes to. We included a click tracker on the donations to give us a rough idea of how many people actually clicked on ‘Donate’ once they had reached the site. Obviously this doesn’t mean that the person necessarily went through with the donation but it is an indication and with over 600 clicks I suspect that a fair bit of money has been raised as well as plenty more awareness of the funds. We also received some good feedback from some of the climbers who run the funds that there had been a spike in donations.

A year and a half on and I thought I’d check up on what the state was with the funds. You can read the replies in this article on symfony cms

To further enhance the coverage of we have added links to all the pages on the Rockfax site pointing at the relevant bolt fund for the areas they cover, we are running banners on UKC and Rockfax web sites and including information about bolt funds in the books.

Despite the fact that the web address is UKBoltFund, I would welcome approaches from climbers in Spain or France who run a bolt fund that we can start supporting and promoting to people who use, the Rockfax web site and Rockfax guidebooks.


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