Jonte, Cirque des Vases Rockfall

We have been sent a report that there has been a big rockfall in the Cirque dse Vases area of the Jonte. All the paths in that area are closed until it has been cleaned up by the local CAF. None of the routes have been affected but the paths below the crag have destroyed. Climbers are requested to keep away for the time being but the local CAF do anticipate that the crag will be fully open again when the warmer weather arrives.

The routes affected are from 2) Biotone on page 148 to 11) Une belle dans la tete on page 153 in the new Rockfax guide.

Thanks to Martin Harris. Thread on CampToCamp web site

The area of the rockfall a the Cirque des Vases at Gorge de la Jonte

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