A New Beginners’ Guide for Climbers

The Beginners Guide CoverIn March 2011 I was approached by Sophie Mitchell about a book idea she had. This wasn’t the usual sort of approach I get which tend to be for new guidebooks; instead Sophie wanted to produce an illustrated guide for young climbers. The book would use drawings to show the two basic initial stages of the NICAS program, namely tying on and belaying.

At first I was sceptical until I saw Sophie’s beautiful illustrations. After a brief meeting where she showed me more of her work, and we also linked up with some of the people at NICAS then I knew the book was going to be a winner. Sophie also hit me with some crazy ideas like including a harness card and a piece of cord to make it possible for the book owners to practice their knot at home.

Since then Sophie has been hard at work and has produced a stunning 72 page book. We have also managed to source printing that makes the crazy harness card and cord idea a reality and the whole thing is now being produced.

We have also managed to link up with the people at NICAS and the Mountaineering Council of Scotland who have given the book their approval.

The book will  be available from January 2012 from this web site, the usual specialist outdoor retailers and hopefully many of the walls will hold a stock as well.

Belaying technique

Climbing moves


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