France : Languedoc-Roussillon Published

Daisy guarding the stock of the new books

A massive delivery lorry packed full with copies of France : Languedoc Roussillon rolled into Sheffield this morning. The lorry was so big that it was impossible to get it anywhere near Rockfax Towers so we had to send out a rescue party to pick up the stock from the near-by big road where he had parked up.

In the end the 200 advanced copies fitted into the back of the car, but the rest of the stock should soon be at the distributors and all the online orders will be being processed in the next couple of days. Specialist outdoor retailers should have their stock by the end of the week.

For those who wish to order it direct, you can now get hold of a copy on UK Next Day Delivery from this web site.

Lorry full of Languedoc-Roussillon

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