West Country Climbs – Pre-order Now

West Country ClimbsWest Country Climbs is now available for pre-ordering from the Rockfax web site. We are doing an extra special offer for this one since we think it is an extra special book. Pre-orders will get £5 off the normal retail price, including free delivery! The catch? Well there isn’t one, except that you need to order before 19 July.

The book will be published in the week beginning 19 July and pre-orders will be sent out in that week. Specialist Outdoor retailers will have their stock by the weeknd of 24 and 25 July.

This book represents several milestones for us:

  • The biggest Rockfax ever at 424 pages
  • The most paper ever used in one print run at 12 tonnes!
  • The 250,000th Rockfax book ever printed! That’s 1/4 of a million books!



If you do order online, please consider supporting the UK Specialist Outdoor Retail trade. Buy your guidebooks from their web sites or over the counter, don’t buy from big non-specialist book sellers like Amazon. They don’t hold much stock which can delay your delivery, they slash margins and create artificially low prices because they can afford to do it, yet when a book isn’t selling they will not hold any stock any more. The small Specialist Outdoor Shops need to invest in holding a wide stock of guidebooks on their shelves so that we cli,mbers get the choice we want when we go into their shops.

Support the UK Outdoor Trade – don’t buy guidebooks from Amazon!


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