France : Haute Provence – Out now!

Haute Provence publishedI am happy to announce that we have just published our fourth book of the year. Stuart from the printers  just left me with 11 boxes of shiny new  books which look absolutely great – beautiful colour through and some of the best crags you can see anywhere.

More about the book here

More about the area here

Free PDF map of the area here

Order the book here

The pre-ordered copies are being stuffed into packaging as I type and should all be sent out by Friday 11, although we did have a very good pre-order response so there are rather a lot to package up.

Cordee, the main distributors, have their stock as well and they should be getting copies out to the shops by this weekend. We hope that al major shops will have their stock next week.

Next year we have another four books planned although perhaps with the new sub-editor in position, we might be able to make it 5!


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