Lofoten Rock – Out Now

PuffinsLofoten Rock has now been published and very proud we are of it too! As with Northern England – our first book of 2008 – Chris Craggs has been the main author and this publication marks the end of a period of about 4 or 5 years of effort by Chris on the two projects. When you combine these two books with Eastern Grit published in 2006 and Costa Blanca published in 2005, it is an incredibly impressive quartet of 300-plus page guidebooks to have in your portfolio. Congratulations to Chris, and also to Thorbjørn Enevold who is the co-author in this case.

Lofoten Rock represents another step forward in Rockfax publication style. We have adopted a much more lavish approach to topo size and our use of photography and the books look even more impressive and rich in colour than they used to, if that is possible!

Take a look at the preview chapter here.

Spot the Puffins – The hidden ‘Easter Eggs’ in the Costa Blanca Rockfax proved to be very popular so we thought it time to provide some extra guidebook-reading entertainment again in the shape of hidden Puffins. There are 20 of them spread across the various locations – some of them are fairly obvious, some less so, and one or two are near impossible to find – mind you we said that about the Easter Eggs and still they were all found by someone (although not the same person). We have prizes for the first 10 people to send me an email with the location of all 20 puffins although, having seen the finished book, I am willing to bet that no-one will manage it.


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  • Not really. One is impossible, so we are only now looking for 19. One is very hard, and one is slightly lateral. The very hard one has been found without help, the lateral one has sort of been found, but only with a bit of help.


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