Trad Climbing + has been published!

A stack of Trad Climbing +Trad Climbing + is now available for next day delivery from our online ordering and it should reach most outdoor retailers by the weekend.

The book looks really good with the colours as vibrant as we have come to expect. It is always a strange experience these days when a book returns from the printers. Ten years ago it used to be the first time that you had actually seen the book in all its glory. These days pre-press on the screen and proofs are so good that the book hardly even looks new when it lands in your hands. That said, it is always a great feeling that a long project has come to an end.

Sadly it is not a great feeling that I can share with either of the two authors since they are both travelling and are currently both uncontactable. Hopefully they will be back soon and able to enjoy the fruits of their labour.


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