Trad Climbing + Special Offer – LAST FEW DAYS!

SantaOur printers have excelled themselves and produced Trad Climbing + a full 10 days earlier than expected. That means the book will be available for dispatch from Monday 26th November and in the shops for the weekend of 1 December.

This is the fastest printing we have ever managed at just 18 days from submitting the disk to having the published books in our hand. Even more amazingly, we actually made some minor changes to the book last week, only 11 days before publication!

These are the benefits we get from using UK printers. Cheaper printing is available elsewhere but I have yet to be convinced by its quality and it is much more difficult to make last minute changes. The turn around time is also, obviously, much longer if the books have to come from China.

You still have a few days left to order a copy at the Special Offer Price of £17.45. (After Monday 26th November the book will be £19.95).

If you desperately want the book for Christmas then you can recommend it as a Christmas present for someone else to buy for you using our Recommend Form.


2 thoughts on “Trad Climbing + Special Offer – LAST FEW DAYS!

  • That is brilliant news. After the success of SportClimbing+ I’m really looking forward to seeing the trad version 🙂

    Also great to hear that the book is printed in the UK. Big environmental gains as well by printing in the UK, rather than shipping the books all the way from China. Have ROCKFAX been using these printers for a while, or is it a recent change?

  • We have been using the same printer ever since Fax13 – Costa Blanca, Mallorca, El Chorro (2001) – the last of the black and whites. They are very reliable but were significantly more expensive 6 years ago, but that has now changed for the better. By sticking with a UK printer we have managed to get the benefit of local printing and now the prices have dropped as well, however there is a limit as to how far down they can go.

    We are also certain that our paper comes from a sustainable and properly managed forests complying to the 14001 Environmental Management Standard.


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