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Winter Climbing+ is the third instructional book from Rockfax. Written by two of the UK’s most respected winter climbers, Winter Climbing+ takes a positive approach to the climbing discipline that has traditionally had its delights obscured by its dangers. Filled with inspirational full-colour photographs throughout, and a clear, concise text that quickly unravels the mysteries of winter climbing, Winter Climbing+ wastes no time in revealing shortcuts to the skills that make a sound winter climber. The book assumes the reader has no prior-knowledge of winter climbing and starts with the basic skills and equipment that are needed to safely head into the hills. The book progresses gradually to the more subtle movement skills and tactical elements that allow for rapid progress into higher levels of difficulty.

Describing the full range of activities covered by the title, Winter Climbing+ takes a detailed look at both ice and mixed climbing, examining both the traditional mixed climbing skills as well as those needed for modern sport mixed now widely practised. The book follows the style set in previous titles by including an in-depth look at the all-important psychological aspects of the sport and finishes with a guide to major winter climbing destinations. The book is in the standard A5, soft-cover format with full-colour throughout. It features many action photos to illustrate the various techniques, plus cartoons and informative text spread over 280+ pages.




January 2009



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2 reviews for Winter CLIMBING+

  1. Dave Brown (AMI)

    The books chapters are filled with stirring, inspirational full-colour photographs throughout and a clear concise text that de-mystifies the art and skill of winter climbing.

  2. Dave MacLeod

    I was in Ian Parnell’s car on the way to Torridon at the end of last winter when he was telling me about how much work he’s put into his and Neil Gresham’s new book on winter climbing skills, tactics and technique. I’ve just got my copies in for the shop here and I’m very impressed with the book. As is normal for the Rockfax publications it’s a very colourful book with absolutely loads of pictures that make it a very inspiring book to flick through as the winter season gets going. It will really fire you up as well as inform you. Speaking of the information, it’s ‘dead-on’: succinct, down to earth, highly practical but fairly comprehensive at the same time in dealing most aspects of the entire winter climbing challenge. I’d say there must be very very few winter warriors walking the earth who don’t have something to learn from the combined experience of these two authors.

    From Dave MacLeod’s Blog

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