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Winner of the 2007 Mountain Exposition Award at the Banff Mountain Book Festival
Deep Water is the first guidebook dedicated to documenting the major Deep Water Soloing areas around the world. Mike Robertson, was one of the first climbers to ditch the rope and security of standard protection and rely upon the safety-net of the sea. Mike has travelled far and wide, developing new routes and climbing old sea cliff lines in the Deep Water Solo style, and has published many articles and photographs in climbing magazines worldwide.

The information is presented in the full-colour Rockfax photo-topo style and includes crucial advice on when and how to tackle the deep water solos. The guidebook is enticingly illustrated with many stunning photographs, the majority taken by Mike Robertson. As a stand-alone comprehensive reference book, or an essential companion to the guides to the venues, the Rockfax book Deep Water, is an essential read.

The routes in the guidebook are described in full and are attributed Sport Grades in conjunction with the now accepted S-grade that gives an indication of the climb’s seriousness, with regard to height above the water, and tide considerations. The difficulty of the routes included spans all grades, ranging from dreamy grade 4s, 5s and 6s above the warm waters of Asia and the Mediterranean to many hard grade 7s and 8s, some above the less-tepid seas of Northern Europe and the Southern Ocean.

There is no single database for the deep water solo routes and they have all been integrated into the various areas. In some cases, the routes existed in the database as conventional roped routes (particularly the Dorset crags) and these have been left described in their original form to avoid confusion.

Areas Covered

Swanage, Lulworth, Portland, Devon, Cornwall, Pembroke, Scotland, Portugal, Costa Blanca, Mallorca

Other areas covered briefly in the book are: North Wales, Sardinia, Croatia, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia and Tasmania.

June 2007



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5 reviews for Deep Water

  1. will king

    “Amazing guide, showing amazing routes, in really good detail. I’d recomend it to anyone.”

  2. jonathan cook

    What a work of genius. More than just a guide of how and where to indulge in the watery art, it’s a top quality, inspirational picture-feast of the human fascination with rock and water, destined to live beyond eternity.

    Nice colours too.

  3. Ben Stokes

    As I thumbed through ‘Deep Water’ for the first time gazing at one awe inspiring photo after the other I simply thought – ‘Ooo Lovely’. The job Mike had in his hands was a huge one but he managed to pull it off once again. The area covered by the book is extensive and Mike must really have put himself about a bit over recent years. The result is inspiring and informative. Well done Mike, well done Rockfax.

  4. Neil Monteith – Editor CRUX Maga

    A guide to the best deep water soloing areas in Britain and around the world. 320 pages of body watering madness on some of the most stunning sea side cliffs on this earth. This is the sort of book that begins a revolution and in usual RockFax style it’s full of symbols, topos, photos and even a new grading system. If you believe the guide hype the UK is the centre of the known aqua climbing world, and every Englishman is bronzed beauty. With a mind boggling variety of overhung rock perched above the sea you are assured of inspirational trip. It’s authored by Mickey Roberston, one of the foremost aficionados of this new climbing style. Get it and get wet.

  5. Brett

    Just got my copy of this. Completely new to DWS and this book has so far answered all my queries.
    Typically good format and layout, great pictures and local info. A good buy.

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