Sa Calobra is a beautiful spot but it often gets very busy, which means your climbing activity can become the centre of attention - okay for some people but not for others. The climbing is found at the mouth of the Torrent de Pareis which can be a fast-flowing river in the winter months, or after heavy rain. Normally though the river is dry and the mouth of the gorge is just a dry pebble beach that slopes sharply into the sea. A boat is recommended, as some of the routes are difficult to pull onto from the sea. If you decide to do The Mallorcan, take a backup flotation device, because if your boat bursts you're going to have a long swim back. The climbs never exceed 12m.


7 winter routes (5c...7a+)
Graded List of Routes
List of First Ascents
Buttress (click for routes) No. of Routes Route Type Sunshine
or shade
Approach walk Other
The Mouth
The mouth of the gorge makes a spectacular setting. The routes listed here are spread across the...
Sun and shade

15 mins

The Arena
The Arena is the first area you reach just before entering the tunnels. Approach from a rocky...
Evening sun

12 mins

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