Fifty of the Best Routes top50

The following list contains 50 of the best routes on Peak Limestone, based on thousands of votes by Rockfax users.
Overhanging Wall VariantHarborough RocksVD
West Hill AreteBrassingtonVD
Ragged AreteChee Dale UpperS
Overhanging Chimney DirectHarborough RocksS 4a
Overhanging WallHarborough RocksS 4b
Gabriel and the Pearly GatesStoneyVS
SkylightHigh TorVS 4c
Golden YardstickWildcatVS 5a
Pothole WallWillersleyVS 5a
Joint EffortStaden QuarryHVS
ConclusorRavensdaleHVS 5a
The ThornBeeston TorHVS 5a
CataclysmWildcatHVS 5a
HighlightHigh TorHVS 5a
Original RouteHigh TorHVS 5a
Gangue GroovesWillersleyHVS 5b
Coral SeasHarpur Hill6a
Bicycle Repair ManStaden QuarryE1
Liquid CourageStaden QuarryE1
Dead Banana CrackStoneyE1
SirplumChee Dale UpperE1
MeditationChee Dale LowerE1
GeorgeDovedaleE1 5b
DebaucheryHigh TorE1 5b
Cathy's ClownStaden QuarryE2
Scoop WallStoneyE2
DelicatessenHigh TorE2 5c
DariusHigh TorE2 5c
Welcome to Hard TimesStaden QuarryE3
Lyme CrymeHigh TorE3 5c
Clarion CallChee Dale Lower7a
CairnHarpur Hill7a
Wee DorisStoneyE4
Flaky WallHigh TorE4 6a
Open GateChee Dale Upper7a+
CountdownChee Dale Upper7a+
Armistice DayChee Dale Lower7a+
Whose Line is it Anyway?Chee Dale Lower7a+
Tin OfRaven Tor7b
The Sea is a Brown Paper BagChee Dale Upper7b+
Bored of the LiesChee Dale Lower7b+
SardineRaven Tor7b+
Brachiation DanceWater-cum-Jolly7b+
Sturgeon in the CupboardChee Dale Upper7c
Indecent ExposureRaven Tor7c
Body MachineRaven Tor7c+