About MiniGUIDEs

PDF MiniGUIDES were developed in 2002 as a means to provide a quick and cheap format for small guides and updates. With the development of the Rockfax Digital we will now be discontinuing all our MiniGuides and slowly moving the information over to the digital format.


MiniGUIDES are produced to the same high standards as ROCKFAX print guidebooks and when printed on a colour InkJet or Laser printer, will give superb documents. They are stored in Portable Document Format (PDF) which require Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to be viewed – more info on PDFs including download hints and tips.
Before you download a MiniGUIDE it is a good idea to try out test PDF to check your printer and printer settings – A4 test PDF.

Registration and Downloading MiniGUIDEs

In order to download any of the MiniGUIDES, and ROCKFAX updates, you need to become a UKClimbing.com account. Once you have registered, you can login on rockfax.com and all your MiniGUIDES are listed on your own personal page – Your Downloads.

If you have purchased a MiniGUIDE prior to May 2020 and would like to download it again then please Request a MiniGUIDE download.

What Do You Get For Your Money?

Paying for an electronic data file can seem a bit weird, after all it is difficult to see exactly what you have bought. In the case of MiniGUIDES you will have purchased a full-colour PDF file which can be printed out and stored on your computer for later use. This means that you can take one copy with you on a trip, and if it gets trashed, just print out another copy when you get home. Additionally, once you have purchased a MiniGUIDE, most subsequent editions of that MiniGUIDE will be free downloads for you unless there are major changes.

Although it is possible to download a MiniGUIDE as many times as you wish, we do advise that you keep a copy safe on your own hard disk. All MiniGUIDES will soon be withdrawn. Once the MiniGUIDE has been withdrawn, you will not be able to download another copy.


MiniGUIDEs are produced in several different formats which are all designed to be printed out on good quality modern colour printers. Each one comes with an instruction sheet which describes in detail how they should be assembled. We also have a Help Page for further problems.

  • A4 Paper – This format enables people to easily print out single-sided A4 pages and assemble into neat A5 books. The procedure is simple and most of the MiniGUIDES are available in this format. It does use twice the paper of double-sided booklets hence is not quite as compact.
  • A4 Booklet – Most of the recent MiniGUIDES are also available in a booklet format which is designed for those with access to two-sided printing. These documents are in proper page pairs which enable them to be folded together into booklets. They are slightly complicated to print initially but produce the best books in the end. Instructions for printing out A4 Booklets.
  • Full A4 sheets – These can be done with single or two-sided printing and result in single flat landscape A4 documents, usually held together with a staple on the left-hand side. There are only a few MiniGUIDES in this format, mostly the ones which are PDF versions of old guidebooks.
  • Mobile Edition
    This is a format specially designed for mobile phones and tablets and avoids the need to print out the PDF. It has some limited extra navigation functionality and makes best use of the small screen on mobile phones. The PDF is still downloaded in the normal way either straight onto your mobile device, or to your computer, and then you can send it to your device. It can also still be printed using any normal printer although this version is not available in booklet format.