• ROCKFAX Pokketz guidebooks


    July sees the publication of the latest two ROCKFAX guides – Peak NE Pokketz and Peak SE Pokketz. These two new books are in a new format for Rockfax – the Pokketz format. They are A6 in size, which is half the dimensions of our normal books, and also contain fewer pages making them incredibly light – around 120g – and easy to carry when climbing.

    The full benefit of the small size will probably be more apparent once we start producing books to sea cliffs and multi-pitch route on mountain crags; we have a couple in the pipeline for 2008 that should fully exploit the size. However, even for the smaller Peak crags these books will be useful for those wanting to keep there sacks down when getting a quick hit, or for those people who are on a tight budget and don’t want to pay for a whole bunch of hard routes they are never going to climb.

  • Costa Blanca (2005) – Easter Eggs

    There are 16 “Easter Eggs” hidden in the pictures in the book. Here are some clues, in the order that Easter Eggs appear in the book – that should be a little help. The first one appears on page 53.

    * = pretty easy – ** = quite tricky – *** = tough

    1. you’re bugging me **
    2. misplaced from the Peak’s finest quarry *
    3. arachnaphobia **
    4. a time-travelling guide *
    5. scary terrain ***
    6. in a pear tree? *
    7. fine face climbing ***
    8. monkeying about *
    9. what colour was that house? **
    10. get the feeling you are being watched? *
    11. These normally say “se vende” *
    12. a Wallace and Grommit classic ***
    13. art? It’s a load of bull **
    14. castles in the air **
    15. who needs friends?**
    16. Pavey Ark’s finest **

    We had a competition to find them all during January and February 2005. This was won by Duncan Martin who found 12 of them unaided by clues. He was the only person to find number 5. Only one person found numbers 7 and 14 (although this clue makes it easier) and no-one found number 12. Thanks to all those who entered.

    If you are getting so frustrated that you are pulling your own hair out then email me for the answers.