Daddyhole - 'The Home of the Devil' - is a spectacular and picturesque series of limestone sea-cliffs and quarried bays, located minutes from the hustle and bustle of Torquay's harbour. The centrepiece of Daddyhole is its Main Cliff - a large, strikingly-featured sea-cliff with several exposed multi-pitch climbs in a secluded setting. Bracketing the Main Cliff are two quarried crags perched well above the sea - Telegraph Hole and Meadfoot Quarry. These provide more in the way of open face and steep slab climbs, with the added benefit of potential for swimming and sunbathing nearby.


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    Blinding Flash
    "Another good route on the slab but not as sustained as Flash Dance and with a sh..." 31/Mar

    The Midas Touch
    "It's worth mentioning that 'continuing up the line' takes you up to a flake syst..." 24/Jan

    Gates of Eden
    "The first two pitches can be done in one." 21/Aug

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