Honister bouldering includes two areas; the Roadside Boulders, which as the name implies, cannot be missed on the way up Honister Pass from Buttermere; and the High Rock area, which lies up the side of Fleetwith Pike and is reached by a bracing hike from the road about 500m further down the pass.


20 boulder problems (V0 4c...V9 7C)
Graded List of Routes
List of First Ascents
Buttress (click for routes) No. of Routes Route Type Sunshine
or shade
Approach walk Other
Roadside Boulders
The main two boulders lie either side of the stream. On the north side, 200m above the road, is...
Evening sun
High Rock Area
Two boulders - of which the upper one is by far the best - with some very good and hard problems...
No sun

12 mins

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