The area known as Les Perxes actually refers to three very different crags scattered across a narrow valley just north of the town of Caimari. The original Les Perxes is now called Sector Cueva and is a super-steep cave and bulging wall with a desperate set of hard routes with the easiest worthwhile route being a 7b! Once you have warmed-up on this the grades rocket upwards with the current hardest of the set being Odissy at 8c+. The wall to the right of the main cave has also been developed as a bouldering venue since many of the routes have desperate starts. Some of the more obvious problems are listed here but chalk indicates that there are many variations available. The other two crags offer a complete contrast and plenty of routes at much friendlier grades. The Hairpin Wall consists of a tall buttress with some good easier routes taking advantage of the quality rock on its lower section. It is only 1 minute from the car as well making it good for a quick session. Don't leave your car full of gear though since it is out of view of the crag and on a main road. The final area is the Muro de Caimari which is a fine compact wall of vertical rock shrouded by trees. The routes here tend to be thin and technical wall climbs that are tiring on the fingers and difficult to read owing to the rough rock with lots of hidden small holds.


55 winter routes (5a...8c+)
8 ice routes (f6C...f7C)
Graded List of Routes
List of First Ascents
Buttress (click for routes) No. of Routes Route Type Sunshine
or shade
Approach walk Other
Sector Cueva
A very impressive cave and bulging wall that has a concentration of hard and excellent routes. The...
No sun

8 mins

Dry in the Rain
Hairpin Wall
This interesting little crag provides a complete contrast to the mega-steep routes of Sector Cueva....
Afternoon sun

1 min

Muro de Caimari
A smallish crag of compact vertical rock with some tufa formations towards the left-hand end. It is...
Afternoon sun

4 mins

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