Fifty of the Best Routes top50

The following list contains 42 of the best routes on North York Moors, based on thousands of votes by Rockfax users.
Tumble-down DickRaven's ScarD
Zoot RouteScugdaleVD
Scugdale ChimneyScugdaleVD
Wall and LedgeWainstonesVD
Razor RibScugdaleHVD
Woodpecker WallScugdaleS 4a
Ling ButtressWainstonesS 4a
Sphinx Nose TraverseWainstonesS 4a
AirliftRaven's ScarS 4a
En PassantRaven's ScarS 4b
Highcliff CrackHighcliff NabS 4b
Pup's ClimbScugdaleHS 4b
Forest FaceRaven's ScarHS 4b
Twin CracksPark NabHS 4b
Pets' CornerScugdaleVS 4b
Little Bo-PeepWainstonesVS 4b
HangoverScugdaleVS 4c
Long BowPark NabVS 4c
Grooves-ologyRaven's ScarVS 5a
Chairmanís ClimbPark NabHVS 4c
Tippling WallScugdaleHVS 5a
Hara-KiriPark NabHVS 5a
BonzoScugdaleHVS 5b
Concave WallWainstonesHVS 5b
The ProwScugdaleE1 5a
Eve Left-handScugdaleE1 5a
North RouteWainstonesE1 5a
Queer StreetHighcliff NabE1 5a
The PulpitScugdaleE1 5b
Scarecrow CrackHighcliff NabE1 5b
SatchmoRaven's ScarE1 5c
West Sphinx ClimbWainstonesE2 5b
Fever PitchRaven's ScarE2 5b
The ShelfScugdaleE2 5c
Ali BabaWainstonesE2 5c
West Sphinx DirectWainstonesE3 5b
StargazerHighcliff NabE3 5c
StratagemRaven's ScarE4 6b
Moonflower Super DirectHighcliff NabE5 6b
Magic in the AirHighcliff NabE6 6b
Desperate DenHighcliff NabE6 6c
EsmereldaHighcliff NabE7 6c