Fifty of the Best Routes top50

The following list contains 50 of the best routes on Devon, based on thousands of votes by Rockfax users.
PaddyHound TorM
GreenmantleChudleigh RocksD
Slab RouteSheeps TorD
Colonel's AreteThe DewerstoneVD
Needle AreteThe DewerstoneVD
The ViceHound TorVD
Oak Tree Zig ZagBench TorVD
The Long TraverseLong Quarry PointVD
Barn Owl CrackChudleigh RocksHVD
WogsChudleigh RocksHVD
Raven GullyHaytorS
SolVicarage CliffS 3c
The Long TraverseLong Quarry Point4c S1
Central GrooveThe DewerstoneHS 4b
Fly On The WallThe DewerstoneHS 4b
SarcophagusChudleigh RocksVS 4b
C.C. OrdinaryThe DewerstoneVS 4b
Inkerman GrooveChudleigh RocksVS 4c
LeviathanThe DewerstoneVS 4c
Great WesternChudleigh RocksVS 5a
ValaThe DewerstoneHVS 5a
Climbers' Club DirectThe DewerstoneHVS 5a
Spiders WebThe DewerstoneHVS 5a
Outward BoundHaytorHVS 5a
AviationHaytorHVS 5b
Magical Mystery TourBerry Head DWS6a+ S1
OesophagusChudleigh RocksE1 5b
TwangChudleigh RocksE1 5b
The SpiderChudleigh RocksE1 5b
Combined OpsChudleigh RocksE2 5b
Machete WallChudleigh RocksE2 5c
Sacre CoeurBlackchurchE2 5c
CombatChudleigh RocksE3 5c
Pressure DropSpeke's Mill MouthE3 5c
CocytusAnstey's CoveE3 6a
InterrogationHaytorE3 6a
Might and MainAnstey's Cove6c
MaydayTorbryan Quarry6c
Black DeathChudleigh RocksE4 6a
Devonshire CreamAnstey's CoveE5 6a
How the Mighty FallAnstey's Cove7a+
Thread FlintstoneTorbryan Quarry7a+
Barney RubbleTorbryan Quarry7a+
Rainbow BridgeBerry Head DWS7a+ S1
Empire of the SunAnstey's Cove7b
The LynchAnstey's Cove7b+
Just RevengeAnstey's Cove7c+
AvengedAnstey's Cove7c+
ThreadbareTorbryan Quarry7c+
The Cider SoakAnstey's Cove8a