Fifty of the Best Routes top50

The following list contains 50 of the best routes on Eastern Grit, based on thousands of votes by Rockfax users.
Heaven CrackStanage PopularVD
Hollybush CrackStanage PopularVD
Heather WallFroggattHVD 3c
Flying ButtressStanage PopularHVD 4a
Sail ChimneyBirchenS 4a
Balcony ButtressStanage PopularS 4a
Black Hawk Hell CrackStanage PopularS 4a
Powder Monkey ParadeBirchenS 4b
Trafalgar WallBirchenS 4b
Robin Hood's Right-hand Buttress DirectStanage PopularHS 4a
Christmas CrackStanage PopularHS 4a
The FileHiggar TorVS 4c
Mississippi Buttress DirectStanage PopularVS 4c
Great ButtressDovestone TorHVS 5a
Great North RoadMillstoneHVS 5a
ValkyrieFroggattHVS 5a
Chequers ButtressFroggattHVS 5a
Suicide WallCratcliffeHVS 5a
Blizzard RidgeRivelinHVS 5a
Croton OilRivelinHVS 5a
The Right UnconquerableStanage PlantationHVS 5a
BAW's CrawlStanage PopularHVS 5a
Harding's Super Direct FinishStanage PopularHVS 5a
The PeapodCurbarHVS 5b
Crescent AreteStanage PlantationV2 5c
Embankment 4MillstoneE1 5b
Moyer's ButtressGardomsE1 5b
The Left UnconquerableStanage PlantationE1 5b
The LinkStanage PopularE1 5b
Flying Buttress DirectStanage PopularE1 5b
The TipplerStanage PopularE1 5b
The Eye of FaithGardomsE1 5c
The RaspHiggar TorE2 5b
WutheringStanage PopularE2 5b
Regent StreetMillstoneE2 5c
Billy WhizzLawrencefieldE2 5c
Fern HillCratcliffeE2 5c
Five Finger ExerciseCratcliffeE2 5c
QuietusStanage NorthE2 5c
Great SlabFroggattE3 5b
Tippler DirectStanage PopularE3 6a
The Brush OffRivelinE4 5c
The StranglerStanage PlantationE4 5c
The KnockBurbage SouthE4 6a
Auto da FeRivelinE4 6a
Old FriendsStanage NorthE4 6a
CalvaryStanage PlantationE4 6a
Edge LaneMillstoneE5 5c
StrapadictomyFroggattE5 6b
The End of the AffairCurbarE8 6c